Keypad Dimmer
Your home at your fingertips.
Replace an existing light switch with the INSTEON Keypad Dimmer and remotely control multiple lights and appliances all over your home from a single keypad. Keypad Dimmer can dim and control a directly connected load up to 600 watts and up to five devices or scenes throughout your home. It's like having five switches in the place of one.
Scene Lighting  
One button to rule them all.
Scenes let you control multiple lights from a single button. With the push of a button, you can launch various scenes like Movie Time, Entertaining, Away and have all of the lights in your home react accordingly. Lights will dim, brighten and ramp to their final value elegantly and quickly. Place a Keypad at your entry and quickly turn off or on every light with a Home or Away scene.
Signaling like you've never seen it before.
The new Keypad Dimmer features INSTEON's patented dual-band technology. Signals travel over both the traditional powerline and RF for unparalleled reliability. Every Keypad Dimmer receives and rebroadcasts INSTEON messages, too, strengthening your network. No other home control technology even comes close.
Robust Power Supply
Robust Power Supply
Dirty power? No problem.
An enhanced internal power supply can now handle voltages from 100 to 270 VAC, 50/60 Hz, meaning that even environments with rough or dirty power can take advantage of Keypad Dimmer. With support for 240V and dual-band, even multi-phase buildings can use Keypad Dimmer.
Updated Status LED
Color has never been so helpful.
Keypad Dimmer includes an updated Status LED that alternates Red and Green depending on states and programming modes. It's never been easier to diagnose signaling errors or locally program your Keypad.
Red/Green Status LED

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At home in any décor.


The most versatile Keypad yet.

Status LED Status LED
The new Red/Green status LED is hidden behind the set button, unobtrusive when not needed. An improved internal firmware utilizes the red and green colors to make setting local on level, ramp rate and factory reset easier than ever before.
Customizable Customizable
Change the keypad color or the button LED backlight colors with color change kits. Personalize the button text with customizable keypad buttons. You can even change the keypad from a 6- to and 8-button model.
Works with Dimmable LEDs Dimmable LED Compatible
Works with many dimmable LED bulbs that support leading-edge dimming.
App Enhanced App Enhanced
Starting with version 1.5, when coupled with the INSTEON Hub, you can configure scenes, set schedules and remotely control the attached load.
Robust Power Robust Power
Rough power environments that fell outside of the operating range of the previous Keypad Dimmer can now be accommodated by the 100-270VAC power supply. Add to that 50/60Hz auto-detection and you can put Keypad Dimmer where you never could before.
Scenes Scenes
One of the best features about INSTEON, the Keypad Dimmer is your go-to scene controller. Control five or eight scenes locally and use software like HouseLinc to trigger even more events based on the time of day, weather, or whatever you imagination can conceive.
Five-in-One Five-in-One+
Replace an existing light switch with the INSTEON Keypad Dimmer and remotely control multiple lights and appliances all over your home from a single keypad. Keypads make great room-control devices or entry and exit controllers for an entire house.


All your technical questions answered.

INSTEON Keypad Dimmer Dimensions
Key Application   Wire-in lights
Manufacturer Product No.   2334-222 (White)
2334-223 (Ivory)
2334-224 (Almond)
2334-225 (Light Almond)
2334-226 (Black)
2334-227 (Brown)
2334-228 (Gray)
UPC   White - 813922013108
Ivory - 813922013115
Almond - 813922013122
Light Almond - 813922013139
Black - 813922013146
Brown - 813922013153
Gray - 813922013160
Patent / Copyright   Protected under US and Foreign Patents (see
Warranty   2 years, limited
RF Frequency   915.0 MHz (US/Canada)
RF Range   Up to 150' (50 meters) open air
INSTEON PowerLine   Yes
INSTEON Controller   Yes
Maximum Controller Groups/Scenes   8
Controller Commands Supported   On, Off, Begin Brighten, Begin Dim, End Brighten, End Dim, Fast On, Fast Off
INSTEON Responder   Yes
Maximum Responder Scene Memberships   8
Responder Commands Supported   On, Off, Fast On, Fast Off, Begin Bright, Begin Dim, End Bright, End Dim, Incremental Bright, Incremental Dim, Set to XX Level, Beep
Ramp Rates (full-ON to full-OFF):   0.125 to 9 seconds if programmed locally, 0.125 seconds to 8 minutes if programmed remotely via software
Maximum total INSTEON links   400
X10 Compatible   Yes
Programming lockout   Yes
Software Support
INSTEON for Windows (HouseLinc)   Yes
INSTEON for iOS   Main/Load group only
INSTEON for Android   Main/Load group only
INSTEON for Browsers   Main/Load group only
Universal Devices (ISY)   Yes
Homeseer   Yes
Perceptive Automation (Indigo)   Yes
Home Control Assistant (HCA)   Yes
Dimmable LEDs   Yes
Installation   Single (or multi) gang junction box
Color   White, Almond, Light Almond, Black, Brown, Gray, or Ivory
UV Stabilized   Yes
Dimensions   4.1"H x 1.8"W x 1.2"D (10.4 cm H x 4.6 cm W x 3.0 cm D)
Depth into wall box   1.25"(3.18 cm)
Weight   0.3 lbs (.1 kg)
Operating Conditions   Indoors
Operating temperature range   32-104° F (0-40° C)
Operating humidity range   0%-85% relative humidity
Supply Voltage   100-277VAC +/- 10%
Supply Frequency   50Hz or 60Hz
Battery(s)   None
Wires   6"(15 cm), 16 AWG, stranded, 600V, 225° F (105° C) insulation, ends stripped and tinned, Line (black), Load (red), Neutral (white)
Minimum. wire size   16 AWG
Neutral Wire Required   Yes
Load Types   Wired-in incandescent lighting and inductive Loads
Maximum Load   600 Watts (uses 16 Amp Triac dimmer)
Multi-gang de-rating   200 watts for each immediately adjacent electronic dimmer
All Settings saved through power outage   Yes, all saved in Non-volatile EEPROM
Standby power consumption   <1 watt
Safety Testing and Certifications   ETL (US and Canada)
Keypad Dimmer   Quick Start Guide Manual (Version 7+) Manual (Versions 1-6)


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