Alert Module

Let your Insteon Sensors sound the alarm.


Sensor Companion

Pair Alert Module with your home's Door, Window and Motion Sensors and you'll know the moment something is amiss.


Two Audible Tones

Choose between a soft chime and a loud ringing to match your alerting needs.


Arm & Disarm Devices

Use Insteon Wall Keypads, Mini Remotes and more to arm and disarm alert module.


How it Works

Alert Module is the perfect companion to your Insteon sensors.


Connect Alert Module

Getting started with Alert Module is as simple as connecting it to a power outlet. You can use the set button to hear sample alert tones, too, so you can ensure an audible alert during placement.


Pick Your Sensors

Add your high-importance sensors to Instant Loud Ringing and your everyday alerts to Instant Chime.


Add an Arm and Disarm Device

Nothing cries wolf quite like setting off the alarm every time you walk through your front door. With Alert Module, you can use other Insteon devices to arm and disarm your alerts, letting you manage your home's security like a pro. 


Alarm Types

Alert Module features two types of audible alerts.


Instant Chime

Two short beeps will sound the moment Alert Module is triggered.


Instant Loud Ringing

Loud ringing will sound the moment Alert Module is triggered. The loud ringing will persist for 30 seconds unless stopped by disarming Alert Module.