With Insteon+, you can control a wide range of devices including lights, appliances, door locks, garage doors and more. And because Insteon+ uses HomeKit technology, any HomeKit-enabled device will be right at home.


Dimmable Lights

Quickly brighten and dim your lights with a custom, ergonomic slide or increment and decrement with convenient buttons.


Multi-Colored Lights*

With an homage to a classic wheel-themed-game-show, add some color to your life with our multi-colored light control.


On/Off Lights and Appliances

Even the basics like On/Off devices get a new control with discrete on and off buttons.

*HomeKit-enabled color changing lights not yet available but Insteon+ will be ready when they are.

Ceiling Fans

Control both the speed of your ceiling fan and the brightness of its lamp. And if you have a lampless fan, we're smart enough to only show you fan speed.


Garage Doors*

Monitor and control your garage door and, if supported by your garage door controller, even be alerted to unexpected obstacles in its path.


Door Locks*

Ensure you don't accidentally unlock your front door with a familiar slide to unlock gesture.

*HomeKit-enabled garage door controllers and door locks not yet available but Insteon+ will be ready when they are.