HouseLinc Release Notes


Product Revision History

HouseLinc - Released 6/21/2013

    Database related fixes

      • • HouseLinc honors device changes that are made locally
      • • Whole house sync no longer checks device but rather will sync regardless
      • • Fixed corruption of devices database after deleting of a linked device
      • • Fixed issue with verifying writes to checksum devices
      • • Fixed issue with reading devices with full databases
      • • Fixed a problem where a device was left in a state of synchronizing if there were errors during a synch
      • • Optimized synch so that modifications are written first
      • • Fixed links tab and advanced tab showing different links
      • • Other database improvements and fixes


      • • Fixed room and location information on motion sensor
      • • Fixed issues related to Motion Sensor as well as adding ability to remove group 2 reporting
      • • Fixed issue when Motion Sensor causing half-links to show up
      • • Added support for newer devices
      • • Battery Devices get FIRST priority
      • • Other INSTEON gateways have HouseLinc management turned off
      • • Fixed thermostat reporting status setting


      • • Fixed issues related to saving scenes

    UI fixes

      • • Fixed an issue where using arrow keys to navigate devices (left pane) would not refresh to selected device
      • • Crashes fixes related to editing a scene
      • • And many more UI fixes and improvements

    Other fixes

      • • Increase "smarthops" hop count on retries
      • • Changed Status request to ask where on level is headed in selected dimmer devices
      • • Diagnostics now gets signal to noise values based on device type
      • • Added the ability to see all links including false links in Advanced tab
      • • Window settings saved for Signaling Diagnostics
      • • Added ability to delete links from the Advanced tab (right-click) as well as display room and name for each link
      • • Changed Smarthome IP Camera name to INSTEON IP Camera
      • • Added support for Global Cache iTach infrared devices

HouseLinc - Released 11/30/2012

  • • Fixed Thermostat Adapter being added to HL

HouseLinc - Released 11/21/2012

  • • Fixed LED bulb property Enable Link on Power up
  • • Advanced tab always shown
  • • New Keypad Dimmers, 0x01, 0x41 and 0x42
  • • Changed Outdoor ApplianceLinc to this: On/Off Outdoor Module
  • • Changed removed "INSTEON" from door and leak sensors
  • • Text label "disable" to "disable houselinc management"
  • • Syncrolinc 0x07 0x09 0x30 to use "SmartLabs.Insteon.Devices.SynchroLinc01"
  • • Nestead of "SmartLabs.Insteon.Devices.SynchroLinc01CS"
  • • Database dump driver
  • • Updated devices_beta.xml to v.43
  • • INSTEON Thermostat (0x09 0x0D 0x34) is detected as 2441TH
  • • Allow user to select "synch NOW" for battery devices
  • • Added 0x10 0x02 0x81 triggerlinc
  • • Added checksum driver to 0x01 0x25
  • • Fixed: led bulb page was loading slowly
  • • Faster database syncs
  • • Added Wireless Thermostat
  • • Added Leak Sensor
  • • Added Smoke Bridge
  • • Added Door Sensor
  • • Added Din Rail Dimmer Module
  • • Added Din Rail On/Off Module
  • • Added Micro Dimmer Module
  • • Added Micro On/Off Module
  • • Added Micro Shutter Module
  • • Added feature to increase signaling efficiency to devices
  • • PLM interface selector now has a More/Less Button
  • • Corrected issue with Restore Point saving email passwords
  • • Enabled Linking on Power Up for LED Bulb
  • • Corrected issue with IO Linc 50/60 in Scene
  • • Updated UI Controller with latest version
  • • Fixed issue with sync’ing using an Ethernet PLM – added timeout
  • • Wireless Thermostat support still under development
  • • Fixed: Din Rail mode switching
  • • Fixed: LED Bulb property changes
  • • Added support for 2487S KPL 0x02 0x1E 0x40
  • • Added support for 2450 IOLinc 0x07 0x0D 0x40
  • • Added support for hub 0x03 0x31 2242-232
  • • Added support for 2487S-50 0x02 0x2C 0x40
  • • Fixed: scene support for i/o linc 50/60
  • • Fixed: runaway database syncs for Wireless Thermostat
  • • Update for Wireless INSTEON Thermostat
  • • Central Control Interface type now has a more/less button
  • • Wireless thermostat: on adding wireless thermostat, refresh button appeared when it should not
  • • Wireless thermostat: temp values showing up incorrectly 0 or 34
  • • Wireless thermostat: external temperature when available for wireless thermostat
  • • Wireless thermostat queues database synch until device cleans up PLM
  • • Wireless thermostat has a "pending changes" label for queued property changes
  • • Wireless thermostat no syncs pending changes when any traffic is seen from devices (temperature change, e
  • • Fixed: BulbLinc Enable linking mode on Power up logic was reversed
  • • Fixed: switching between latching modes not being written to micro module
  • • Fixed: error blink not working in DinRail
  • • Fixed: wireless thermostat values cleared when window switching
  • • Wireless thermostat can now be responder in scene
  • • Wireless thermostat Cool/Heat points only cleared on pending C/F change
  • • Fixed: BulbLinc Local ramp rate note getting set
  • • Added Icons for PlugIn Dimmer/On-Off Modules
  • • Added INSTEON Thermostat Icons
  • • Added Wireless INSTEON Thermostat Icons
  • • Added definition for Outdoor ApplianceLinc
  • • Changed SKU and Name for 50/60 Keypadlinc
  • • Added support for SwitchLinc Dimmer for fwBE
  • • Removed Status LED option for Wireless Thermostat (not supported)
  • • Added INSTEON Hub Icons for US and International SKUs
  • • Support drivers for Wireless INSTEON Thermostat
  • • Support drivers for DIN Module On/Off
  • • Support drivers for Micro Module Dimmer
  • • Support drivers for Micro Module On/Off
  • • Support drivers for Micro Module Open/Close
  • • Support drivers for Plug In Dimmer
  • • Support drivers for Plug In On/Off
  • • Added the ability to save and open Restore Points
  • • Fixed Thermostat not being added correctly
  • • Added the ability to toggle Go into linking mode on power up for LED Bulb
  • HouseLinc - Released 07/10/2012

  • • Adjusted default ramp rate and scene settings for new INSTEON LED Bulb 8-Watt (60W)

HouseLinc - Released 06/25/2012

  • • Fixed ramp rate for new INSTEON LED Bulb 8-Watt (60W)

HouseLinc - Released 06/20/2012

  • • Added support for new INSTEON LED Bulb 8-Watt (60W)
  • • Added support for Switchlinc ON/OFF 2477S

HouseLinc - Released 05/17/2012

  • • Added support for new INSTEON Thermostat and INSTEON Wireless Thermostat
  • • Added support for SwitchLinc 2-Wire Dimmer

HouseLinc - Released 03/30/2012

  • • Added support for more checksum products: Thermostat, Integrated Thermostat, SynchroLinc, iMeter, MorningLinc, IRLinc Receiver, IRLinc Transmitter, SmartLinc2
  • • Added event trigger support to Thermostat and Integrated Thermostat
  • • Added option to send email when a PLM connection error occurs (system settings)
  • • Removed MorningLinc's lock and unlock triggers because feature wasn't supported
  • • Fixed UI issue when manually changing a Gateway (resize view)
  • • Fixed sharing emails between the original and copies of an event

HouseLinc - Released 1/18/2012

  • • Added support for FanLinc 2475F
  • • Added support for Smarthome IP Camera 75790
  • • Fixed a bug that immediately starts database sync immediately when a scene member is removed
  • • Added ability to duplicate an event
  • • Right-click on an event and select Duplicate Event in the pop-up menu
  • • The newly duplicated event is appended to the end of the list and is disabled by default
  • • Fixed the Events list to retain the focus on the selected event after editing it
  • • Remove the PLM links when a Scene is removed from an event if the PLM group was not part of the scene prior to adding to the event
  • • Fixed setting the default property values for KeypadLinc, Motion Sensor, 2-button RL2
  • • Fixed flickering when changing a keypad button name
  • • Stopped setting Load Sense flag to SwitchLinc
  • • Changed format of a scene's last trigger information to "DateTime, Command, Number of Errors"
  • • Change input focus to the event name field when adding a new event
  • • Fixed the Refresh button for RemoteLinc 2 Propeties to display the battery-powered device information
  • • Fixed sorting of the broadcast timestamp in Scenes list
  • • Fixed setting pre-scaler for Momentary time.
  • • Changed Refresh button to Write To Device
  • • Added support for updating the cameras definition
  • • Add support to search for Foscam IP Camera Model FI8918W
  • • Crash with camera delete - Several instances of similar crash in the log files - see additional info section
  • • Move PLM controller links to the top of the link table + fixed synchronizing device after factory reset
  • • HL settings will always win in property sync to a device

HouseLinc - Released 10/18/2011

  • • Added IP Camera support in HouseLinc
  • • Added support for X10 products
  • • Added support for InlineLinc On/Of Dual Band and 50/60 version
  • • Added support for updating Cameras definition – through server push
  • • Fixed KeypadLinc backlight brightness being set to 2% during synchronization
  • • Fixed PLM links not being created for group 2, 7 and 8 on KeypadLinc after changing from 6- to 8-button
  • • Added an option to change the number of firmware retry in Tools > Options > System, Controller Link App-Retry. The default value is 3
  • • Fixed a crash (stack overflow) when changing from 6- to 8-button on I1 Keypad.

HouseLinc - Released 9/27/2011

  • • Added support to send INSTEON message in an Event - Sending Customer INSTEON Commands
  • • Added hyperlink in the Custom Commands dialog box
  • • Added option to disable a device under the Properties tab
  • • Added Time Stamp to links. Located in the Advanced Tab for any newly created links
  • • Added ID column to Scene Editor
  • • Added support for RemoteLinc 2
  • • Added support for setting LED level for SwitchLinc and InlineLinc in Events
  • • Added double confirm to all property reads. The returned value is accepted only if it matches with HouseLinc value; or 2 consecutive reads returned the same data
  • • Added tasks persistence: save the task queues on shutdown and continue with them on startup
  • • Added Queue task count information to the Status Bar- Provides Visibility of what task is currently running and how many are left (x / y)
  • • Auto-populate Date Added field when adding a device
  • • Improved database sync process
  • • Improved properties sync process
  • • Improved synchronizing a battery operated device
  • • Improved adding device process
  • • Improved deleting device process
  • • Changed event with Security feature to be triggered once-per-day randomly in the specified fime frame instead of at-least-once
  • • Changed text in event for button pressed events to "Double-Tapped"
  • • Changed the Scene list to sort alphabetical by name by default
  • • Fixed scrollbars in Scene editor
  • • Fixed the Update dialog box being displayed behind HouseLinc window sometimes
  • • Fixed the Pause button functionality in the Status bar
  • • Removed the ability of the OutletLinc Relay to be a controller
  • • When deleting a TouchLinc device, also delete its configuration files
  • • Resolved checkbox disappearing in Scene editor. It should now happen less often
  • • Fixed excessive retry when a device is unplugged in the middle of database synch
  • • Fixing the ID column in Device List not being re-sizable
  • • Fixed issue with managing i1 KeypadLinc devices button properties (Toggle/ON/OFF)
  • • Fixed 8-button keypad being displayed as a 6-button
  • • Fixed Keypad button mode being displayed differently sometimes in Properties tab vs. Device List and Scene List
  • • Fixed a crash when clicking on Keypad button G or H after switching from 6 to 8 button
  • • Fixed half link to PLM group 0 (only at the end of the PLM database sync)
  • • Fixed a problem with Motion Sensor LED brightness cannot be changed by 1%

HouseLinc - Released 7/15/2011

HouseLinc - Released 6/14/2011

  • • Updated User Interface and graphics
  • • Added support for TouchLinc
  • • Added Scene Management
  • • Included SceneConverter.exe in the setup and install it into the Settings folder
  • • Added abilities to change local On Level, Ramp Rate, LED, and other properties for applicable devices
  • • Added sortable Room column to the link display in Links tab
  • • Fixed beeping a device more than twice the specified number of seconds
  • • Removed checking status of battery-operated devices
  • • Updated sounds used when adding a device
  • • Fixed a bug in the Advanced tab that sometime did not show the information of the current selected device
  • • Prevented selecting invalid thermostat set points (cool set point must be at least 2 degrees higher than heat set point)
  • • Fixed inconsistent thermostat group names between the Device List and the Links tab
  • • Added an option to enable or disable Thermostat status reporting in the Properties tab
  • • HouseLinc will not automatically create this link from now on
  • • The Advanced tab is now hidden on start-up. It can be revealed by selecting the "Show Advanced Tab" option in Tools > Options > System
  • • Changed setting device status in Properties tab to Unknown every time a device is selected
  • • Device status is only updated when clicking on the Refresh button or one of control buttons
  • • Disabled HouseLinc Maintenance event by on new install and upgrade
  • • Added FTDI driver setup and install it if needed

HouseLinc - Released 2/07/2011

HouseLinc - Released 12/10/2010

  • • Added support for TouchLinc native application
  • • Added auto-restart if the application encounters unexpected problem
  • • Added email retries (up to 3 retries)
  • • Updated product images for USB Adapter, In-LineLinc, and LampLinc (Dual-Band)
  • • Corrected problem with loss of event information while saving settings

HouseLinc - Released 6/30/2010

  • • Included Beep command under the Control/Status tab for devices that have beepers
  • • New Thermostat Adapter functions
  • • Added four Linking groups: Thermostat's Controllers, Cooling Mode's Responders, Heating Mode's Responders and Status Change Responders
  • • Included new properties: humidity and remote temperature sensors
  • • Improved control user interface
  • • Added support for MorningLinc RF Doorknob/Deadbolt Controller (#2458A1)
  • • Added support for 240V 30AMP Load Controller (#2477SA1 and 2477SA2)
  • • Optimized battery usage for battery-operated devices
  • • Swap command now updates device ID in both Links and Events tab
  • • Added Half-Links Report & Repair to enable user to locate, fix and/or delete half-Links (see Tools -> Advanced)
  • • Info tab now displays the product page of a selected device
  • • Changed the I/O Linc Control page to include both Open Relay and Closed Relay options, even when I/O Linc is in Momentary Mode
  • • Renamed Diagnostics utility to Signaling Diagnostics (See Tools -> Advanced)
  • • Fixed incomplete Link creation on ControLinc
  • • Corrected problem with firing TriggerLinc events when the jumper when the jumper is not installed
  • • Improved accuracy of FTDI driver detection

HouseLinc - Released 3/29/2010

  • • Added Thermostat Adapter functions
  • • Incorporated support to Link to different groups
  • • Included options for humidity and remote temperature sensors
  • • Updated control user interface
  • • Introduced immediate synchronization when a new device is added
  • • Launched Half-Link Report & Repair to enable user to locate, fix and/or delete half-Links (see Tools -> Advanced)
  • • Updated automatic synchronization of battery-operated devices (e.g., Motion Sensor, TriggerLinc, RemoteLinc). Once an INSTEON command is sent from the device, synchronization will begin if: there are pending changes, the device has not been synchronized within the past 24 hours, or the user manually initiated synchronization.
  • • Renamed Diagnostics to Signaling Diagnostics (See Tools -> Advanced)
  • • Fixed various bugs to increase synchronization reliability

HouseLinc - Released 11/23/2009

  • • Added support for Windows 7
  • • Included Device Status (i.e., on, off) as a condition of an event. Applicable devices include: ApplianceLinc, In-LineLinc, I/O Linc, KeypadLinc, LampLinc, OutletLinc, SwitchLinc, TimerLinc, and Thermostat Adapter
  • • Added option to send a test email when setting up or revising email settings
  • • Launched House Synchronization Report, which includes information such as: start time, end time and status for each device
  • • Incorporated Refresh function into the Synchronize function
  • • Introduced option to disable automatic System Maintenance and manually initiate maintenance (see Events menu)
  • • Renamed Perform Maintenance to Synchronize House (see Tools menu)
  • • Moved Email Settings tab into the Options menu (formerly under Tools menu)
  • • Renamed Interface tab to INSTEON Gateway (see Options menu)
  • • Moved Diagnostic menu under Tools -> Advanced
  • • Removed "Search for new devices" and "Synchronize All Devices" from the Devices menu and toolbar
  • • Added support for PowerLinc Modem USB driver version 2.06
  • • Improved speed and accuracy of the Links database synchronizing process to minimize the reappearance of "Unknown Device" entries
  • • Removed automatic synchronization for RF devices (e.g., Motion Sensor, TriggerLinc, RemoteLinc). To add an RF device, put the unit into Linking Mode before performing synchronization.
  • • Fixed various user interface issues
  • HouseLinc - Released 9/10/2009

  • • Added email alert feature. Users can now set up an event to send an email to their email accounts.
  • • HouseLinc can download Devices.xml automatically without re-installing it
  • • Prompt to synchronize devices upon startup
  • • Added a new driver for I/O Linc with Firmware 0x33 or newer to support longer momentary delay settings
  • • Digitally signed HouseLinc and the installer to identify SmartLabs as the publisher on Windows Vista and newer
  • • Centralized data (device definitions, settings and log) location to better support online updates
  • • Removed 9 minute Ramp Rate option as the Firmware no longer supports it
  • • Improved Installer wizard
  • • Fixed bugs in Diagnostics tool

NOTE: Simplehomenet devices are not currently supported in HouseLinc.

HouseLinc 2.0 - Released 10/2008

HouseLinc - Released in 2007



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