Central Controllers Compared

In the world of Insteon controllers, not all are created equal. Make sure you get the controller that is right for your needs - modest or grandiose.


General Features

  Insteon Hub
Insteon Hub
Indigo ISY Series
Add by ID Yes Yes Yes Yes
Conditional Triggers - - Yes Yes
IP Camera Support Yes Yes Yes -
IR Support - - Yes Yes
Insteon Scenes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basic Schedules Yes Yes Yes Yes
Elaborate Schedules - - Yes Yes
Price $129 $79 $89-179 $285-359

Alert Support

Email Alerts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Push Notifications Yes* Yes* Yes -
Text Message Alerts - - - Yes
Conditional Alerts - - Yes Yes
* Push notifications not currently available on Windows or Windows Phone apps

Platform Support

iOS Yes Yes Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes Browser Yes
Mac OS X Browser - Yes Browser
Linux Browser - Browser Browser
Windows 8 Yes Yes Browser Browser
Windows Phone 8 Yes Yes Browser Browser
Insteon API - Yes -  

Installation & Configuration Difficulty

Difficulty Easy Easy Moderate Difficult