Insteon Integration



Insteon is the most affordable and complete solution in the automation market today. From robust lights switches to in-bedded relays, and over 200 products, Insteon has a solution to fit your individual install needs. 

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Universal Devices is the leading manufacturer for affordable, internet accessible, home automation, energy management and conservation controller product solutions. The ISY-994i series is the most flexible and affordable standalone home automation solution for your Insteon installation. Whether you are a DIY'er, an electrician, or a home automation integrator, you will enjoy how quickly and easily Insteon devices can be programmed through the ISY.

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From home theater to state-of-the-art home automation, RTI control systems fill your world with music, movement and light. Technology that used to complicate, now delights, and life is once again in harmony. This is the RTI-enabled home: an oasis where your needs are fulfilled through technology. Where devices adapt to your needs, rather than the other way around. And a world of pleasures can be summoned – instantly, effortlessly, with a simple touch.