Adding Devices with Insteon+

Insteon+ supports adding both HomeKit-enabled devices and Insteon-native devices. The steps for adding a device differ slightly based on which type of device you are adding.

Adding a HomeKit-enabled Device

Ensure your new HomeKit-enabled device is powered on and connected to your network. HomeKit-enabled devices will automatically appear in the Add Device screen; just tap the name of your device when it appears. Learn more about adding HomeKit devices.

Adding an Insteon Device

After Insteon Hub Pro has been added to Insteon+, a new Add Insteon button will appear when searching for devices. Tap Add Insteon and enter your new Insteon devices' Insteon ID. Learn more about adding Insteon devices.

You can also add Insteon devices with the set button. Learn more about adding Insteon devices with the set button.

Learn more about supported and unsupported Insteon devices in Insteon+.