Ballast Dimmer

The Insteon Ballast Dimmer is two products in one: A 0-10V control module for electronic dimming ballasts and a dual-relay control module for traditional non-dimming fluorescent light ballasts. Installed alongside your fixture’s existing relay fluorescent ballast or dimmable electronic ballast, Ballast Dimmer adds Insteon control to a wide range of commercial-centric fluorescent lighting. And the best part: since Insteonuses existing electrical wiring for command and control, there's no need to tear up the walls or spend hours in tight spaces running new electrical wiring.

Essential Info

• Controls dimmable ballasts with 0-10VDC input
• Dual-relay load output offers control of two non-dimmable ballasts up to 5-Amps each
• Supports 100-277 volts AC, 50/60Hz
• Beeper for setup ease
• All settings stored in stable memory, even through power outages
• Two year warranty

What's in the Box

Ballast Dimmer

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