Insteon Beta Testing

We are always looking for customers who are passionate about their Insteon technology and want to help make the next round of products and software the best possible. To that end, we require a few things of our beta testers:

  • You must own an Insteon Hub
  • You must own at least three Insteon devices (not counting the Insteon Hub)
  • You will be required to perform thorough and extensive testing on new hardware, firmware and software
  • You should have an innate and strong technical aptitude
  • You should take clear and organized notes throughout the testing process to help our engineers reproduce your reported issues
  • You will be required to actively participate in providing feedback - even if everything worked as expected

Please note that filling out this form does not guarantee admission into the beta program. Someone will reach out if you fit our need during the next open enrollment. We appreciate your patience. 


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We know it's personal, but we need your address so we can send you pre-production hardware for testing.
Please create an account here. Be sure to complete your registration by clicking the link in the Insteon Beta Forum registration email sent after creating your account. Forum participation is mandatory for Insteon Beta Programs.
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Every home is different but knowing what type of structure you have can help us when troubleshooting issues with new products.
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Do you use home automation in any other locations including a second home, parent's residence, or office?
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