Insteon Bridges & Couplers

Whether it’s communicating between phases within a home or converting one technology to another, these Insteon-compatible products provide a wider range of control options.


IRLinc Transmitter - Insteon to IR Converter

Model # 2411T

Use one Insteon controller for A/V equipment as well as lights and appliances. This simple IR device takes your Insteon signals and converts them to IR signals that can control a/v devices.

IRLinc Receiver - IR to Insteon Converter

Model # 2411R

Control lights and appliances using a standard universal remote control. This simple device takes the remote's IR signals and converts them to signals that can talk to any Insteon-compatible device within the home.

SignaLinc - Insteon Phase Coupler, Hardwired 

Model # 2406H

Connect the Insteon SignaLinc Phase Coupler to your home's breaker box, and it will bridge Insteon and X10 signals between the two power lines in your home easily, allowing virtually all of your automation receivers to respond to X10 and Insteon signals.