How it Works

Ceiling Fan Controller is designed to be hidden away inside your ceiling fan's canopy. Most homeowners are able to install Ceiling Fan Controller in about 30 minutes - the hardest part is wrestling your ceiling fan from its mount.


Step 1

Turn off power to your fan and lower it from the mounting bracket. Many ceiling fans have a helpful hook that lets you hang them in place while you fiddle with wiring.

Step 2

Remove any existing canopy controller and wire up your new Ceiling Fan Controller. Now is also a good time to write down your Ceiling Fan Controller's Insteon ID. If your fan doesn't have built-in lighting, you can just cap the blue wire with a wire nut.

Step 3

Link up your Mini Remote, Keypad or Insteon Hub. When you're finished, put everything back together and enjoy modern, 21st century remote control of your ceiling fan.