Remote Control

With Ceiling Fan Controller, you'll have more remote control options than blades on your fan. Use a Mini Remote for bedside convenience, wire up a Keypad with custom fan buttons for in-wall elegance, throw in the Insteon Hub and control your fan from your smartphone or use Motion Sensors to automatically turn on your fan when you enter a room.


Insteon Hub

With the Insteon Hub, you can control and manage your Ceiling Fan Controller from your smartphone or tablet. Fan speed and lighting control are just the tip of the iceberg - you can adjust sophisticated settings like On Level and Ramp Rate for the light as well as configure your fan for remote control from almost any Insteon device in your home.

Keypads & Mini Remotes

For something a little simpler, use a Mini Remote to control your ceiling fan. They make great additions by any bedside and can be mounted in a wall plate for a more permanent look. If you want the ultimate in hard-wired remotes, pair Ceiling Fan Controller with an Insteon Keypad. There's even a custom fan button kit to make pushing the right button dead simple.

Sensors & Thermostats

Why not add some automation to your ceiling fan and pair it with a Motion Sensor or Wireless Thermostat. Whenever you enter a room, Motion Sensor can automatically turn on your fan to give a gentle breeze. And instead of running your costly AC system, Wireless Thermostat can adjust your fan speed automatically based on room temperature.