With Insteon+, we've included features that make your daily home control tasks effortless; everything from guest users to voice control of devices and scenes with Siri.


Your Wish is Her Command

Talk to your home and let your home talk back with Siri control of devices and scenes. Like an episode of the Waltons, you can finally say, "goodnight" to your house and have it react in kind.



Your home is always at your fingertips with Dashboard; see at-a-glance which lights you've left on, if the doors are secure and what the thermostat is doing. Add in your favorite devices and scenes and you might never need to leave.


Be Your Guest

If your friends and family have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, they're just an Apple ID away from guest access to your home. Guests can control devices and scenes but can't make changes to your meticulously crafted home configuration.