HouseLinc is a powerful tool for managing Insteon device properties such as ramp rate, on-level, LED brightness as well as creating and managing all links. You can also easily create elaborate lighting scenes. When connecting HouseLinc to a computer that is always on you can create event triggered actions, schedules and more. Note: software is no longer supported. Not recommended for use with Insteon Hub and corresponding app software.


One of the following Insteon interfaces: 2413U, 2413S, 2242-222, 2412N
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
15 MB of disc space and 128 MB of RAM
Computer needs to remain on to run timers and events

Trouble Shooting

If you experience problems with your HouseLinc software or hardware, please refer to the links below for assistance.

Symptom: Devices show up as Unrecognized Devices

Solution: Download and install the latest version of the device definitions (HouseLinc no longer auto downloads this file)

Symptom: HouseLinc notified you that your computer does not have .NET Framework installed.

Solution: Download .NET Framework and follow instructions. Once installed, re-try the HouseLinc installation.

Download .NET Framework

Symptom: If you are having trouble with HouseLinc finding your USB interface, your device drivers may be out of date.

Solution 1: Download and run this utility to remove the Insteon USB driver. After removal, re-install the USB drivers.

Download USB Drivers Uninstall

Download USB Drivers

Solution 2: If Solution 1 fails to resolve the problem, refer to the documents below:

Deleting Reserved COM Ports Information
Preventing COM Port Runaway Information