Indigo Pro Software for Mac


  • Integrates devices of any protocol together - Insteon, Z-Wave and X10
  • Remotely control lighting, appliances, thermostats and sensors
  • Receive automatic email or text messages based on specific events, such as power failures or motion detection
  • Use the intuitive rule builder to create complex conditionals on Triggers and Schedules
  • Provide perfect multi-room lighting scenes at the touch of a button
  • Reduce energy consumption and save money by having scheduled, automatic control of your thermostats
  • Reduce water usage and save money by automating your sprinkler system




Essential Info

Indigo 6 Pro is one of the most intelligent and robust home automation software controllers available for the Mac OS with the ability to integrate devices of any protocol together such as Insteon, Z-Wave and X10. The Indigo 6 Pro control server allows homeowners to integrate an array of popular Insteon, Z-Wave and X10 devices for unprecedented control of your home lighting, sensors, thermostats and appliances. New to the Indigo 6 Pro is expanded support for new and updated Insteon devices as well as support for many new Z-Wave devices (see "More Info" for additional new features). Locally, remotely or automatically control or program Plug-in Modules, Switches, Wire-in Modules, Sensors, Remote Controllers, Keypads, Touchscreens, Low Voltage I/O Modules and more. The built-in web server provides users with means to access their homes remotely via Mac's, PC's, tablets, and smartphone. With Indigo Touch (sold though iTunes app store, iOS only), users will gain seamless remote control of their digital home through the use of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Or even use a web browser on any device to control your home from virtually anywhere in the world. You can also receive email or text notifications for specific events, such as power failures, doors opening/closing or motion detection.

Using Indigo 6 Pro's unlimited flexibility of scheduling and control logic, users will save money, conserve water, provide their home with added security, all while cutting-back on energy usage through programming, and remote or automated control of lighting and appliances. Indigo 6 will also provide the means for user's to control their sprinklers, security systems, thermostats (HVAC), and more. Program simple, automatic ON / OFF control, create custom lighting scenes (group containing multiple load controllers activated simultaneously from the same Trigger or remote device), or create a much more complex system using multiple Triggers, Conditions, and Actions. This system is perfect for those who already have a home full of existing Insteon, Z-Wave or X10 devices because it allows them to include all protocols in their programming, in-turn, simplifying the control process. Indigo 6 Pro can support an unlimited number of Insteon, Z-Wave and X10 devices and gives homeowner's the ability to create as simple or as complex of a system as they need to suit their applications. Use Indigo 6 to automate your entire home, or create a simple system for scheduling and remote control of only a couple of lights. 

Insteon and Indigo: In order for Indigo to manage, monitor, and control an Insteon Dual-Band Network, one of the following computer interfaces will be needed: 

Insteon PowerLinc Modem - USB (Dual-Band 2413U), also with X10 support; requires the computer to stay "On" for operating scheduled timers and Triggered events.