Insteon is convenient and fun to use.

Smart homes are rapidly becoming mainstream. Join the party and adjust indoor temperatures, set your lighting for a variety of conditions, monitor your home when you travel and even open and close the garage door for a guest or service call, all from anywhere in the world, using your smartphone or tablet.


Remote Control Thermostat

Enjoy the convenience of remote thermostat control from your smartphone with Insteon. Set the temperature, change the mode, turn the fan on - do it all from wherever and whenever is most opportune. Insteon works side-by-side with your Nest Learning Thermostattoo, so you can have the thermostat you love with the automation system you need.

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Access and Monitor Your Home,
There or Away

No matter how much you try, you can't be home every minute of every day. Let Insteon watch over your home for you with an array of sensors that monitor doors, windows and more. Even see your home with Insteon WiFi Cameras. And if something is amiss, you'll get an instant notification on your smartphone.

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Platform of Choice

Convenience is more than just turning lights on at the push of a button. It's being able to live your life the way you want, how you want with the technology you want. That's why Insteon apps are available for all of the major platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. No one is left out of the automation party with Insteon.

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