Remote Control

You shouldn't be a slave to your home's 240V appliances; with Load Controller, you can add remote control to your large, power-hungry appliances. And if you add Insteon Hub, you can remotely control Load Controller from almost any smartphone or tablet.


Robust 240V

Your water heater and large window AC unit are all ripe for remote control. It doesn't matter if you just want to schedule operation with the Insteon Hub or take advantage of Works with Nest Rush Hour Rewards, Load Controller will help you reign in control of your 240V appliances.


N/O or N/C Relays

Not all 240V appliances have the same remote control needs. That's why we've developed both a Normally Open (N/O) and Normally Closed (N/C) Load Controller. Whichever type your application needs, there's a Load Controller for you.