How it Works

In just a few short steps, you can add remote control to almost any 240V 30A appliance in your home.


240V Load Controller

Mount Load Controller near your controlled appliance with the convenient mounting wings. Grab some conduit and connect to a junction box.


Junction Box

Wire up the black and red wires to the incoming 240V supply. Connect the two purple wires to your appliance's power leads and seal up the junction box. Load Controller is not rated for exposure to the elements and should be encased in a weather-rated outdoor enclosure if used outdoors.


Remote Control

You're ready to link Load Controller to other Insteon devices for remote control. Or with just a few taps, add Load Controller to the Insteon Hub and enjoy remote control and scheduling from your smartphone.

Connecting Load Controller requires working with 240V. Load Controller should only be installed by a qualified electrician or home owner with extreme familiarity with electrical wiring.