Remote Control

No matter where you are - at home or abroad, you can always control access to your home.


From your Smartphone

While you might forget your house keys on your way out, chances are, you don't forget your smartphone. With the Insteon Hub, you can lock and unlock your doors from anywhere - so long as you didn't forget your smartphone with your keys. And because Insteon Hub makes it easy to setup scenes, you can create a goodnight scene that ensures your home's doors are secure as you fall asleep.

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Lock Controller is not currently compatible with Insteon Hub for HomeKit or Insteon+. Lock Controller is not currently compatible with Insteon for Hub on Android or Windows devices.


Using an Insteon Keypad

With 6 or 8 buttons to choose from, you can control your home's door locks with separate lock and unlock buttons wherever you happen to have an Insteon Keypad - by your nightstand or on your way out to work through the garage door.

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With a Mini Remote

The 4 or 8 buttons on a Mini Remote are well suited to controlling your home's door locks. With just a few taps of the set button, you can lock and unlock your doors wherever you have a Mini Remote positioned.

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