Open/Close Micro Module

Incorporate Insteonremote control into your motor-controlled devices: shutters, blinds, projector screens, home theater screens, doors and more can all be wired into the new InsteonMicro Open/Close module. InsteonMicro Open/Close installs behind the switch to allow custom remote control and automation while retaining local control at the switch.

Versions are available that are compatible with US electrical systems as well as the EU, Austrailia and New Zealand. Also available as a wire-in Micro On/Off or Micro Dimmer module.

Essential Info

• Add Insteon remote control to motor-controlled shutters, blinds, projector screens and more
• Installs behind existing switch
• Sense wiring retains local control at the switch
• Featuring dual-band Insteon technology for the fastest and most reliable performance

Regional Availability

For international compatibility, Insteon Micro Open/Close is available in several versions to match local electrical requirements.

US 2444-222
EU 2444-422
AUS / NZ 2444-522

What's in the Box

Open/Close Micro Module

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