Wireless Obstacles: Building Construction


Up to 3% Loss at 900MHz
Up to 7% Loss at 2GHz

Standard residential construction in the United States uses drywall extensively - and fortunately for radio waves, it is relatively permeable.


Up to 34% Loss at 900MHz
Up to 54% Loss at 2GHz

On their own, a single stud might not cast that large of a wireless shadow, but when a wireless signal needs to travel through multiple studs at an angle, the signal loss can be substantial.


Reinforced Concrete

Up to 96% Loss at 900MHz
Up to 98% Loss at 2GHz

While far less common in the United States, reinforced concrete is used extensively for residential construction internationally and blocks nearly all wireless signal.


Up to 100% Loss at 900MHz
Up to 100% Loss at 2GHz

Metal is effectively radio opaque and appliances like televisions and refrigerators create large, impenetrable wireless blocks throughout your home.


Drywall and Studs

Typical American homes are built with 2x4s and drywall - materials that are relatively transparent to wireless signals.

Drywall and Studs + Metal

It doesn't take much to completely block a wireless signal; appliances like televisions and refrigerators cast large wireless shadows throughout your home.

Reinforced Concrete

A common method of home construction internationally, concrete walls are nearly impervious to wireless signals.