Greatest Scalability & Compatibility

In the world of wireless home control, your house is a battleground full of obstacles. Insteon solves this problem by simultaneously using a wireless radio and your home's existing powerline wiring. The result is reliability that no other wireless technology can match.



Insteon is the only home control technology that uses both wireless and your home's powerlines to create a robust network that can easily handle common household interference from microwaves and WiFi or signal blockades like concrete, masonry or steel studs.


Mesh Network

With Insteon, every device can repeat messages across the network, eliminating the bottlenecks that occur when a single device fails in a routed network. And because Insteon is Dual-Band, the mesh network extends over both wireless and wired Insteon devices.



In an Insteon network, there are no routers or administrative devices. Each device can control (or be controlled) by each other device without any complicated hierarchy of device profiles.



Utilizing Simulcast, a broadcast-like system, Insteon can address hundreds+ of nodes simultaneously and without complicated and expensive signal routing.



Our pioneering Statelink technology ensures forwards and backwards compatibility with old, new and future automation devices by placing the onus of compatibility on the controlled device; devices don't need to know anything about one another for successful control.