Insteon Windows 8.1 Phone App Now Available with Microsoft Cortana to Control the Connected Home through Voice Commands

September 25, 2014

IRVINE, Calif. - Insteon®, creators of the world’s best-selling home automation and control technology, today announced that the Insteon Windows 8.1 Phone app featuring Cortana, Microsoft’s proactive digital assistant, is now available to consumers to control and monitor their homes via voice commands.  The Insteon Windows 8.1 Phone app is available for download here

“The availability of voice interaction capabilities is a major development in the evolution of the home automation industry,” said Steven Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President & Chief Evangelist for Microsoft.  “In recent years, consumers have become increasingly accustomed to voice-activated commands on their smart phones.  Bringing Microsoft Cortana voice interaction capabilities to the popular Insteon line of products opens up a whole new world of connected home engagement and use cases that will enhance our lives.”

With Cortana, Insteon users will be able to accomplish a variety of tasks by simply speaking to their Windows phone, such as turning lights on and off or dimming them, locking and unlocking doors, opening and closing a garage door, adjusting the thermostat, and more, all while inside the home or from anywhere in the world. 

With Cortana’s proactive capabilities, a user could say, “Insteon, it’s hot in here.”  Cortana will respond,  “Nobody likes being hot, want to adjust your thermostat?” and thermostat controls would appear on your phone.

Users can also activate scenes involving several commands that they’ve selected, such as saying “Insteon, leaving the house” that would turn off lights, lock doors and turn down the thermostat when you leave for the day.

“The combination of Cortana voice interaction with the Insteon network of products will make consumers’ lives more convenient, safe and fun,” said Joe Dada, CEO, Insteon. “Our collaboration with Microsoft demonstrates their keen interest in the home automation space as well as our strategy of working with the most forward-looking brands in the consumer electronics industry.”

Insteon Windows 8.1 Phone app come with other exclusive features designed with Windows users in mind, making controlling and monitoring the home simple and easy, including.

  • Visitor Mode – provides restricted access to children or guests in your home
  • Enhanced Camera Support  view multiple cameras at once, view full-screen, and camera support without the need of an Insteon Hub
  • Multi-House Support – enables you to control multiple homes or businesses from a single account
  • Dashboard View – a quick and organized view of the status of your home

Insteon connected home devices are currently available in Microsoft retail stores nationwide as well as on Insteon products are also available from a number of other national retailers, both online and in-store.  For a complete list of retailers, please visit

Insteon’s reliable dual-band technology uses both the existing wires (power line) in the home and radio-frequency (RF) communication instead of relying on spotty Wi-Fi connections and routers, which dictate where smart devices must be placed to work properly. By making every networked device talk to each other via RF and the power line, Insteon eliminates the need for custom wiring and ensures that every device is always connected. Adding remote control and automation to everything from home monitoring to lighting, Insteon’s dual-band network and devices allow users to manage the home or office in more variations than any other home automation technology.

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Developed in Irvine, California, the award-winning Insteon remote control product line includes more than 200 devices, from lamp dimmers to thermostats and LED bulbs. Insteon delivers the fastest, most reliable wireless device communication in the industry with its innovative dual-band and simulcast mesh technology, creating the optimum platform for the coming Internet of Things. Insteon products are available throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as internationally. For more information about Insteon®, please visit, or connect with Insteon on Facebook ( and Twitter (