SmartLabs the Leader in Home Automation Products, Announces the Release of I/O LINC - Insteon Keypad Control Kit and I/O Linc - Insteon Rain Sensor Kit

June 11, 2009

IRVINE, Calif. - SmartLabs, Inc. is pleased to announce the latest releases in their line of I/O Linc Insteon Low Voltage / Contact Closure Interface Kits: I/O Linc - Insteon Keypad Control Kit and I/O Linc - Insteon Rain Sensor Kit.

About I/O Linc Insteon Low Voltage / Contact Closure Interface
I/O Linc is a universal Insteon interface with contact closure sensor input and a low voltage / contact closure relay output, monitors and controls any low voltage device. Thanks to several different output relay modes, I/O Linc can easily adapt to different types of devices. "Contact closure and low voltage are used to automate a wide array of home systems and devices," says Laurie Maroni Vice President of Marketing at SmartLabs,"I/O Linc is flexible enough to support each type of home system and affordable enough for several to be placed around the home." For the same price as a single low voltage interface with many inputs and outputs, several I/O Linc modules can be placed around the house in the locations where they are needed.

I/O Linc - Insteon Keypad Control Kit
The I/O Linc - Insteon Keypad Control Kit enhances your Insteon network by giving you the ability to operate Insteon-controlled devices via a numeric code. By entering a numeric code into the keypad, an Insteon signal can be sent to unlock doors for access control (door lock sold separately) and/or initiate lighting scenes using Insteon devices such as Dimmers and SwitchesWire-in/Outlet Modules and/or Plug-in Modules. The keypad can be programmed with 56 individual access codes, each assigned to an authorized individual user or to a group of users. 

I/O Linc - Insteon Rain Sensor Kit
Combining the features of I/O Linc and a rain sensor, this kit will allow users to be alerted in the event of excess liquid (rain and/or water) build-up. The rain sensor can be placed anywhere where you would like to detect the accumulation of water. As soon as water starts to collect, the rain sensor will trigger I/O Linc to turn any Insteon controlled lights or appliances on or off, notifying you of the condition. When used in conjunction with other I/O Linc kits, it can be used to trigger sprinklers to automatically shut-off when it rains, saving water and money, or it can be placed near the foundation of your home to help detect detrimental standing water and flooding.

Other I/O Linc Kits Available:



About Insteon
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