Electronic Home Improvement: A “Smart” Way to Add Value to Your Home

SmartLabs Helps Consumers Upgrade Their Homes with Insteon™ Switches Beginning at $24.99

March 14, 2006

IRVINE, Calif. - While many think of home improvement as remodeling bathrooms and upgrading kitchen countertops, there is a much simpler and more cost effective way to add value to your home called electronic home improvement and it begins with the simple replacement of a light switch. SmartLabs, Inc. and its subsidiary Smarthome.com are championing this new concept in home improvement. 

Electronic home improvement or upgrading your home’s electrical switches that control lights, ceiling and ventilation fans and other devices is a simple way to add value to your home. It’s simple to do and it does not have to cost a lot of money. And SmartLabs products have a “smart” technology built-in called Insteon, which enables their switches to “talk” to each other, making installation simple and creating the foundation for a home control network. 

“We are changing the way consumers think of home improvement,” said Joe Dada, CEO of SmartLabs, Inc. of Irvine, Calif. The company has been developing and distributing home control/automation products for nearly 15 years. “Instead of large home remodeling projects, we are encouraging consumers to upgrade their homes one light switch or one room at time.” 

“Additionally, we are encouraging consumers to make ‘smart’ choices when upgrading their switches,” continued Dada. “When choosing a switch, consumers should choose products that have intelligence like Insteon built-in. This intelligence not only makes the products easy to install, it means that as electronic home improvement devices are added to the home, they will all ‘talk’ to each other and become part of a home control network.” 

SmartLabs’ Insteon-enabled products include wall switches, dimmers and keypads for true lighting control. Beyond turning lights on and off, lamps and lighting fixtures throughout a room can be connected to create lighting scenes in a room. For example, a homeowner can create a dinning room scene where all of the lights in the room dim to pre-determined levels creating a mood with a touch of a button.

Beyond lighting design, lighting control is most often used for safety. A remote control timer system allows users to specify when lights should turn on and off. Interior and exterior lights can be set to turn on and off upon arrival and departure, or can illuminate the entire house when a strange noise is heard outside or in another part of the house. 

SmartLabs’ new line of Insteon-enabled home control lighting products including dimmers and On-Off switches, multi-device table-top controllers, a keypad in-wall controller as well as plug-in devices to control lamps and appliances cost no more than their non-networked counterparts. Retail prices begin at $24.99. 

Insteon-enabled products are available at HomeDepot.com, Amazon.com and Smarthome.com and select lighting specialty stores. User friendly software is also available for the PC and Mac. 



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