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New Motion Sensor from Insteon Enhances Motion Activated Lighting


Irvine, California – January 18, 2017 – Insteon®, creators of the world’s premier home automation and control technology, today announced a new and improved wireless motion sensor, which makes activating lights based on movement easier than ever. With a completely redesigned body, the new Insteon motion sensor is half the size of its predecessor and features wall, corner, or tabletop placement options as well as external setup and motion override buttons – just a few of the new features that make this new motion sensor best in class.

The new Insteon motion sensor can be paired directly to switches, outlets, and plugs without an app or hub – reducing setup time to seconds. For a more customized setup and configuration experience, pair the sensor with the Insteon Hub using the free Insteon for Hub mobile app. In addition to configuring when and how the motion sensor will activate lighting, the Insteon Hub allows you to turn the motion sensor into an alert system, pushing messages to your phone when there’s motion in a particular area of the home.

“Great satisfaction and peace of mind comes with motion controlled lighting,” said Joe Dada, CEO of Insteon. "Not only does it reduce energy waste by automatically turning lights off when you leave a room, it relieves you of the hassle of reminding family members to turn lights off. And with this latest redesign, we’ve made our sensor smaller, better looking and easier than ever to place around the home.” 

In addition to features found in the previous model such as night-only mode and adjustable countdown timer, the new Insteon motion sensor adds these newer features:

  • Improved wireless performance
  • Smaller, more modular design provides easy tabletop, corner or wall mounting options
  • Motion rest button – provides a convenient way to temporarily pause motion activation
  • Sensor can be plugged into power with an optional USB cable and power adapter that also allows the sensor to act as a repeater – helping repeat Insteon signals throughout the home
  • Multi-colored setup LED and beeper aids in setup and configuration

Now accepting preorders exclusively through with units expected to ship the first part of February.

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 About Insteon®

Insteon® transforms the "connected home" from a buzzword into reality. We make life simple by connecting you to the things that matter. Control your lights, alarms, thermostats – all your things – from wherever you are in the world. Insteon's patented technology is simple and reliable, powering the most fail-safe connected home on the market. With more than 200 Insteon products available today and thousands of developers, we bring all of the things in your home into elegant command. It’s your house, turn it on.

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New Insteon Plug-In Siren


New Plug-In Siren Helps Make Insteon Self-Monitored Home Solutions More Robust

IRVINE, California – November 22, 2016 – Insteon®, creators of the world’s premier home automation and control technology, today announced a new plug-in siren. The Insteon Siren adds an additional layer of security and peace of mind to Insteon’s line of DIY home monitoring and control solutions.


 “Our customers enjoy being connected with their home when they’re away at work or on vacation,” said Joe Dada, CEO of Insteon. “While sensors can trigger lights to come on if activity is detected and notifications are sent to the customer’s phone, deterring unwanted visitors with a loud siren is a quick way to get the point across – not to mention alerting neighbors of a potential problem.”


This simple plug-in device works together with Insteon wireless sensors such as door/window sensors, water leak sensors, and motion sensors. Arming and disarming the audible alert is possible from Insteon wall keypads or from any other controller. Pairing it together with the Insteon Hub (2245-222) and all setup, arming/disarming, and activation can be done directly on any Android or iOS device. 


In addition to a loud 115 dB siren, the device also features a secondary chime tone. This provides a more subtle notification for when homeowners simply want to know that a door or gate is opened or if motion is detected.


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Insteon High-Definition Wi-Fi Cameras Now Available

Indoor and Outdoor Cameras Provide Crystal Clear Images for Home Monitoring

October 29, 2014

IRVINE, Calif. – Insteon, creators of the world’s premiere home automation and control technology, today announced the availability of its Wi-Fi indoor and outdoor home monitoring cameras, now in high definition (HD). At 720P, the HD cameras display three times as many pixels as standard definition cameras, which combined with the camera’s infrared technology, enable users to capture detailed images day or night.

Both of Insteon’s HD Wi-Fi cameras feature 1280 x 720 resolution video, 70° field of view and night vision.  The cameras’ IR LEDs can capture images up to 26 feet away indoors and up to 98 feet away outdoors in pitch black, so users can keep an eye on the house without having to leave a light on. The indoor version of the new HD camera also features 300° pan, 120° tilt, a microphone and a speaker, all accessible anywhere in the world via the Insteon mobile device app.

“As we continue to grow our already extensive product line, we are focused on our customers and the overall connected home experience,” said Joe Dada, CEO, Insteon. “We are pleased to be able to offer HD video to our customers who are looking to add another layer of protection for their home and loved ones.” 

The Insteon family of 200-plus devices turns any home into a connected home. Insteon users can set up lighting scenes, schedule lights to automatically turn on and off, and monitor their homes via wireless cameras from any mobile device. Insteon also offers a suite of sensors that allows users to receive instant notification alerts when doors and windows are opened, smoke and carbon monoxide is detected, or when there is a water leak in the home. Insteon provides all of this and more via free apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices with no monthly fees.

With its simple installation, setup process and trustworthy communication, Insteon has become the industry’s premier remote control networking technology. By making every networked device talk to each other via radio frequencies and existing electrical wiring, Insteon eliminates the need for custom wiring and ensures that every device is always connected.

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About Insteon
Developed in Irvine, California, the award-winning Insteon remote control product line includes more than 200 devices, from lamp dimmers to thermostats and LED bulbs. Insteon delivers the fastest, most reliable wireless device communication in the industry with its innovative dual-band and simulcast mesh technology, creating the optimum platform for the coming Internet of Things. Insteon products are available throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as internationally. For more information about Insteon®, please visit, or connect with Insteon on Facebook ( and Twitter (