SmartLabs Introduces the ICON Line of Affordable Home Control Lighting Products

Network-Ready “Smart” Insteon Devices Cost No More than “Non-Networked” Alternatives

January 5, 2006

IRVINE, Calif. - — SmartLabsTM the parent company of Smarthome and world’s leading authority in electronic home improvement and automation, today announced the introduction of its new ICON line of affordable Insteon-based home control lighting products. SmartLabs is now delivering electronic home improvement and automation products at an all time low price point, making it accessible to all home owners. 

The first ICON products to be released enable consumers to easily and inexpensively set up a reliable and user-friendly remote control lighting system that also becomes a foundation for a powerful home control network.

The network-ready Insteon-based ICON products are extremely affordable—costing no more than their non-networked counterparts. For example the retail price of an Insteon-enabled ICON dimmer switch is $19.99, while "non-networked" versions of a competitive product are generally priced the same or higher. The ICON line offers the quality construction, sophisticated technology and outstanding performance of high-end devices at a fraction of the price.

“We are breaking down all the barriers for home owners to automate, integrate and control their lighting and appliances,” Said Rajeev Kapur, SmartLabs vice president of sales and marketing. “This is an unprecedented step and once again illustrates our commitment to being at the forefront of new technology, innovative products and now affordable pricing initiatives.”

The new ICON line includes several products such as the Insteon-remote control on/off appliance adapter for fans, heaters, fountains or other on/off devices; a remote control timer system that allows users to specify when lights should turn on and off and to set safety and vacation lighting modes; and a remote control on/off wall switch that connects to existing wiring to replace any wall switch for florescent lights, fans, outdoor security lights or switched outlets.

ICON devices are easy to install, and they can be programmed with the touch of a few buttons. Because ICON is part of the Insteon true mesh network, no controllers are required to route messages. And because the system uses existing electrical wiring, no new wires or cables are needed; any consumer can set up this home automation system in minutes. 

"With the introduction of the ICON line, Smarthome can now provide an Insteon enabled controllable light switch at a price point directly competitive with standard dimmer switches, enabling an even wider adoption of Insteon in the home,” Said George West senior analyst at West Technology Research. “This development is a key step in SmartLabs plan to deliver affordable, reliable and easy to use Electronic Home Improvement and Home Control products to the mass marketplace. Developers and retailers should take note that the Insteon technology is quickly becoming the de-facto standard in home control and automation." 

SmartLabs executives will be available for press and analyst briefings during CES (Jan. 5-8). Contact Michelle Laird at 503-705-4577 or to make an appointment, or  stop by the SmartLabs booth South Hall 2/26424


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