Introducing the New Insteon Ballast Dimmer for Commercial-Centric Fluorescent Lighting Applications

July 29, 2013

IRVINE, Calif. - Insteon, manufactures of the best-selling home automation and control technology, have released a unique commercial-centric fluorescent lighting control module, the Insteon Ballast Dimmer. Two units in one, the Insteon Ballast Dimmer works with electronic dimmable ballasts supporting a 0-10V control signal to dim compatible fluorescent fixtures to as low as 3%. When not using the dimming function, the new Insteon Ballast Dimmer includes two relays that can switch two non-dimmable ballasts.

“Ballast Dimmer further enhances the power of Insteon in a commercial environment: offices, lobbies, conference rooms – anywhere there are overhead fluorescents can now benefit from discrete fixture-by-fixture control and dimming. We think integrators and custom installers are really going to love this product.” Joe Dada, CEO, Insteon.

Specifically designed for large fluorescent light fixtures, Ballast Dimmer’s small size allows for installation within the light’s wiring valley; there is no need to remove the fixture or run additional electrical wiring. Once installed, Ballast Dimmer can be controlled from any Insteon Switch, Keypad or smartphone when used with the Insteon Hub.

Supporting energy efficiency with occupancy sensors has never been easier as Ballast Dimmer includes a built-in RJ10 port for hard-wired motion and occupancy sensors. And to ensure the best compatibility with commercial building mains power, Ballast Dimmer features an auto-detecting 100-277VAC, 50/60Hz power supply and Dual-Band Insteon technology, enabling communication with Insteon devices all over your building, regardless of their installed powerline phase.

The dual-band Insteon Ballast Dimmer retails for $79.99. For more information about Insteon or the dual-band Insteon Ballast Dimmer, visit www.insteon.com.

With its simple installation and setup process and trustworthy communication, Insteon has become the industry’s premier remote control networking technology. Plug-in modules and in-wall switches make it possible to add wireless control to any appliance in a home or business without having to hire a contractor. By making every networked device talk to each other via radio frequencies and existing electrical wiring, Insteon eliminates the need for custom wiring.


About Insteon
Developed in Irvine, California, the award-winning Insteon remote control product line includes more than 200 devices, from lamp dimmers to thermostats and LED bulbs. Insteon delivers the fastest, most reliable wireless device communication in the industry with its innovative dual-band and simulcast mesh technology, creating the optimum platform for the coming Internet of Things. Insteon products are available throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as internationally. For more information about Insteon®, please visit www.insteon.com, or connect with Insteon on Facebook (www.facebook.com/insteon) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/insteon).

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