Insteon Announces Apple HomeKit-enabled Insteon App and Insteon Hub

Las Vegas – Consumer Electronics Show – January 6, 2015 – Insteon®, creators of the world’s premier home automation and control technology, today announced a new Insteon App supporting Apple HomeKit technology for home management. With the HomeKit-enabled Insteon App, users can control any HomeKit-enabled device, regardless of brand or product type. Insteon is also offering a new HomeKit-enabled Insteon Hub, which brings Insteon switches, outlets, thermostats, and light bulbs into the HomeKit ecosystem. The Insteon Hub featuring HomeKit technology is available for pre-order at $149.99.

HomeKit delivers a common protocol, secure pairing and the ability to easily control individual or groups of products throughout the house including integration with Siri®, Apple’s personal voice assistant.  With HomeKit, you can create scenarios to direct Siri, such as “Bedtime, Siri,” that would dim the lights, lock the doors, close the garage door and set the thermostat.

The new Insteon App will work with all HomeKit-enabled products from various manufacturers and protocols, providing a simple, singular method for consumers to control connected devices.

“We’re thrilled to launch our HomeKit-enabled Insteon App and Insteon Hub. This brings together more products from more manufacturers under a single platform than we’ve ever seen,” said Joe Dada, CEO, Insteon. “Support for HomeKit technology for home management will allow us to provide a simple and easy experience for our customers, with the ability to securely pair and control devices throughout the house including integration with Siri.”


App features:

  • Control HomeKit-enabled lights, door locks, color-changing bulbs, garage door openers, thermostats and any other HomeKit-enabled products
  • Control Insteon switches, outlets, thermostats and more when paired with the HomeKit-enabled Hub


Insteon Hub

  • Easily add devices with just a tap
  • Create and manage rooms, zones and even multiple houses
  • Schedule scenes and set repeats for day, week or date
  • Dashboard view for quick visibility and control
  • Quickly create powerful scenes that adjust multiple devices

About Insteon®

Insteon® transforms the "connected home" from a buzzword into reality. We make life simple by connecting you to the things that matter. Control your lights, alarms, thermostats – all your things – from wherever you are in the world. Insteon's patented technology is simple and reliable, powering the most fail-safe connected home on the market. With more than 200 Insteon products available today and thousands of developers, we bring all of the things in your home into elegant command. Imagine a lifestyle where all of your things work together in perfect harmony. That's the power of Insteon.


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Home Control for Everyone - the New Insteon Hub Makes Home Control Easy with iOS and Android apps

April 29, 2013

IRVINE, Calif. - Insteon®, manufacturers of the best-selling, most reliable home automation and control technology, today announced that the new Insteon Hub is now shipping, featuring many hardware and software enhancements. Customers will benefit from full dual-band communication, enhanced security, increased signal strength and more robust and reliable device communication.   

“There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you're never more than a smartphone away from your home. Need to adjust the thermostat? Left a light on? The new Insteon Hub keeps you connected to your home from anywhere.”

Joe Dada, CEO, Insteon

Insteon Hub is an Insteon central controller for the rest of us; a simple and straightforward device that connects you to your home from any smartphone or tablet, anywhere in the world.  Control Insteon light bulbs, wall switches, outlets, and thermostats at home or remotely and receive instant email or text message alerts from motion, door, window and water leak sensors while you’re away. 

The new Insteon Hub includes numerous hardware and software improvements including: Full dual-band communication, secure remote access and increased power-line signal strength for both Insteon and X10 signals. Many features have been added to the mobile applications as well that run the range from user interface enhancements to under-the-hood technological improvements. For a complete list of improvements, please visit

The new Insteon Hub retails for $129.99.  For more information about Insteon or the new Insteon Hub, visit

With its simple installation and setup process and dependable communication, Insteon has become the industry’s premier remote control networking technology. Plug-in modules and in-wall switches make it possible to add wireless control to any appliance in a home or business without having to hire a contractor. By making every networked device talk to each other via radio frequencies and existing electrical wiring, Insteon eliminates the need for custom wiring.


About Insteon
Developed in Irvine, California, the award-winning Insteon remote control product line includes more than 200 devices, from lamp dimmers to thermostats and LED bulbs. Insteon delivers the fastest, most reliable wireless device communication in the industry with its innovative dual-band and simulcast mesh technology, creating the optimum platform for the coming Internet of Things. Insteon products are available throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as internationally. For more information about Insteon®, please visit, or connect with Insteon on Facebook ( and Twitter (

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