Automatic Automation

While you might appreciate knowing that your basement is flooding, knowing and not being able to do anything about it is almost as bad as not knowing at all. Shift the burden of responsibility and let your Insteon sensors work to resolve the problem - or just make your life a little bit easier.


Automatic Lighting

Brighten those dark closets and pantries with automation buy turning lights on and off when you open and close the closet or pantry door.

Open/Close Sensor
Hidden Door Sensor


Occupancy Sensing

Turn any Insteon-controlled light into an occupancy sensing device by pairing it with a Motion Sensor and automatically turn on lights when you enter a space and off when you exit.

Motion Sensor


Save Energy

Don't heat and cool the entire neighborhood by running your AC with the windows open; put Open/Close Sensors on your windows and automatically turn off the AC when someone opens a window.

Open/Close Sensor


Prevent Water Damage

If your home detects a water leak, let it spring into action by closing your home's water shutoff valve - you might only need a few towels to clean up instead of an insurance claim.

Leak Sensor


Regular Flooding

If your home is equipped with a sump pump, you're accustom to regular flooding. Enhance your flood detection with Leak Sensors and trigger your pump from the front lines rather than after the sump is overflowing.

Leak Sensor


Safe Evacuation

If fire strikes your home, let Insteon help by automatically shutting off the AC to prevent spreading smoke. To assist in your escape, Insteon can unlock your doors and illuminate a path to safety, too.

Smoke Bridge


Liquor Cabinets & Safes

Arm your home's liquor stash or safe with an Open/Close Sensor and be notified the second it's opened by configuring push notifications on your smartphone or tablet with the Insteon Hub.

Open/Close Sensor


Pool Safety

A glistening pool is tantalizing for young ones; help keep them safe by securing access points with Open/Close or Hidden Door Sensors. When paired with an On/Off Module controlling a siren, you can act before it's too late.

Open/Close Sensor


Home Security

Why deal with the complicated installation and monthly fees of home security systems? Link all of your door and window sensors to a Wall Keypad and you will know at a glance if any are left open as you head for bed.

Open/Close Sensor


These are just a few ways you can automate your home with Insteon sensors. Have an idea you'd like to share? Write it up on our Online Support Community or tell us directly.