Meet the Sensors

Which Insteon sensor is right for you?


Open/Close Sensor

Monitor doors and windows; or anything that can open and close.

Doors and Windows

AA Battery


Includes external sensor terminals¹



Hidden Door Sensor

Designed to be invisible when monitoring doors.

Doors Only²


AAA Battery





Motion Sensor

Detect motion in rooms, hallways or open spaces, indoors and out.

Rooms, Areas or Hallways

9V Battery

Indoor or Out




Leak Sensor

Place one anywhere your home might spring a leak.

Water or conductive liquids

AA Battery³





Smoke Bridge

Integrate with FirstAlert OneLink Smoke and CO detectors.

Smoke and CO with required FirstAlert OneLink Detectors

120VAC, 60Hz





Garage Door Kit

Remotely monitor and control your home's garage door.

Garage Doors


120VAC, 60Hz


Includes motor connection wire and wired garage door sensor

  1. Open/Close Sensor can be used with the included magnet or with an external hard-wried binary sensor via the external sensor terminals
  2. Hidden Door Sensor is designed to be installed in a door frame or door style. Not recommended for use with metal doors or metal door frames. Generally incompatible with windows.
  3. Leak Sensor battery life is estimated to be 10 years with the included long-life lithium AA battery
  4. Smoke Bridge requires a compatible FirstAlert OneLink smoke, or smoke and CO alarm: SC050CN-3ST, SA521CN-3ST, SA501CN-3ST