Sensor Family

While each Insteon sensor is designed to monitor a different aspect of your home, they share functional aspects that cover home monitoring and automation. Monitor doors, windows, motion, leaks and, smoke and CO.


Home Monitoring

Insteon sensors take the guess work out of what is happening at home; you can keep an eye on every door, window and room and more. With the Insteon Hub, all of those sensors report directly to your smartphone - so you have status at your fingertips wherever you are.


Automatic Control

It's never been easier to automatically turn on a light when you enter a room. Or how about turning off the water supply to the house when there is a leak? Insteon sensors work in conjunction with other Insteon devices to automatically control your home.



With Insteon sensors, the actual act of protecting your home couldn't be simpler. For most sensors, all you have to do is set them in place and add them to your Insteon Hub. No screws, wires or mess to contend with.