How it Works

Siren is the perfect companion to your Insteon sensors. And with the Insteon Hub, it's easy to configure different alerts for different sensors in your home.*


Connect Insteon Siren

Getting started with Insteon Siren is as simple as connecting it to a power outlet. You can use the set button to hear sample alert tones, too, so you can ensure an audible alert during placement.


Configure Your Sensors

With the Insteon Hub, fire up the Insteon app on your smartphone or tablet and build scenes for the different alert modes. Add your high-importance sensors to instant loud siren and your everyday alerts to instant chime.


Arm and Disarm

Nothing cries wolf quite like setting off the alarm every time you walk through your front door. With Insteon Siren, you can use other Insteon devices to arm and disarm your alerts, letting you manage your home's security like a pro. 


Without Insteon Hub

Don't have Insteon Hub? You can still configure and control Siren directly from other Insteon devices. Arm and disarm from a keypad, sound the alarm with sensors and notify with the chime, all without software or a central controller.


*Compatible with Insteon for Hub on iOS and Android only.