We created Insteon to be simple.

You can easily install an Insteon system on your own, without any expertise or automation background and then control it from any smartphone, tablet or computer without paying any monthly fees.


Insteon Hub

If you use a smartphone, you already know how to use Insteon. With the Insteon Hub, controlling and configuring your home's devices is quick, easy and fun. Hub setup takes a couple of minutes and a few moments per light switch, sensor, etc. - all you need to do is connect it to power and your home's internet router. The Insteon Hub also bridges your devices to 3rd party services like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Logitech Harmony and more. 

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LED Bulbs

If you can change a light bulb, you can get started with home automation; just screw in an Insteon LED Bulb.

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Plug-In Devices

It's easy to get started with Insteon with plug-in devices that let you control lamps and appliances.

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Wireless Sensors

Insteon sensors let you monitor doors, windows, motion, water leaks, smoke and more.

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Wall Switches

Quickly add remote control of your home's lighting by replacing your wall switches - no new wiring required.

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