Insteon+ Error Codes

HomeKit Error Code Error Message Resolution
10, 17 You do not have permission to perform the requested action.

Guest users cannot make changes to a home. Contact the home's owner to make the desired change.

68 Notifications have already been configured and enabled.  
1, 13, 31, 33 A device, room, zone, home, schedule or scene with this name already exists.

Devices, rooms, zones, home, schedules and scenes require unique names.

A device, room, zone, schedule or scene with the same name may already be configured in your home.

15 The requested operation is already in progress.  
55 Unable to authenticate device communication. Try unplugging the device.
54, 74, 78 Unable to communicate with the device.

One or more operations related to device communication has been unsuccessful.

Try unplugging the device.

Check that the WiFi network is up and running.

22 Attempted to use an abstract base class in an operation instead of a concrete subclass.

A programming error has been encountered.

Please document the steps taken to encounter this error and submit feedback from Settings > App Feedback.

69 The recurrence rule is not on the specified boundaries.
70 The date is not on the specified boundaries
72 The recurrence period is too large.
80 A required entitlement is not available.
11 This device already belongs to another home. A device can only exist in one home at a time. Remove it from the first home to add it to the second home.
61 This device has been blocked.  
4 Check that the device is powered on and connected to your network. Check that your device is powered on and functioning normally.
9 This device has been powered off.
14 This device is currently busy.
30 The requested scene already exists.  
42 The requested recurrence frequency is too short.  
49 You have reached the maximum limit for devices, rooms, zones, homes, schedules or scenes.  
59 An unintelligible message was received from the device. Try unplugging the device.
52 You have encountered a general, unspecified error.  
38 Your invitation was declined. Adding or removing a guest requires a valid AppleID. The guest must be using an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 8 or later.
39 Your guest declined being removed.
40 Your invitation was declined.
32 A home with this name already exists.

Homes require unique names.

24 A home cannot be placed inside a room.  
29 Unable to modify home.
47 Turn on Insteon+ under HomeKit Privacy.

Insteon+ requires permission to access HomeKit.

Enable HomeKit access by visiting your device's Settings and selecting Privacy. Tap HomeKit and ensure the switch for Insteon+ is green.

76 Turn on iCloud Keychain under Settings to use Insteon+.

HomeKit requires permission to access your iCloud Keychain.

Enable iCloud Keychain by visiting your device's Settings and selecting iCloud. Tap Keychain and follow the instructions to enable.

27 Please review and add any missing information. One or more of the required fields is blank or incomplete.
73 One or more changes were unsuccessful.  
25 The requested scene does not contain any devices.  
26 The requested trigger does not contain any scenes.  
19 The provided date format is incorrect.  
35, 36, 60 You can only use letters and numbers in names.

Devices, rooms, zones, homes, schedules and scenes require names with letters, numbers and spaces only.

The name provided includes prohibited characters.

The name provided begins with a prohibited character.

The name provided ends with a prohibited character.

3 Unable to perform the requested action.  
28 Unable to schedule a timer for a time in the past. Timers can only be configured for times in the near future.
71 The requested date is too far into the future.
56 The requested message was either too long or too short.  
63 The timer has overslept. Something has prevented the timer from running at it's specified time.
2 Your home's configuration has changed and the device, room, zone, home, schedule or scene could not be found.  
75 Setup an iCloud Account to use Insteon+. Insteon+ requires an active iCloud account to communicate with HomeKit. Setup an iCloud account by visiting your device's Settings and tapping iCloud.
12 This device does not belong to your home. A HomeKit device can only exist in one home at a time. Remove the device from the prior home first and then add it to your home.
7 This device does not support notifications.  
23 The requested operation has been canceled by the user.  
8 The requested operation could be completed in the time allowed.  
50, 66 The requested device does not conform to HomeKit specifications.

The device is not using approved HomeKit communication methods.

In some way, shape or form, the device is violating HomeKit guidelines.

18 Unable to pair with the device. Try unplugging the device.
64 One or more operations in the timer did not complete. While the timer did execute, one or more of the devices in the timer may not have been turned on.
5 This characteristic is read-only and cannot be changed.  
34 Unable to remove this device as it is controlled via a bridge. Devices that are controlled via a bridge cannot be removed through the Insteon+ app. Follow the removal instructions that came with your bridge or bridge-compatible device.
67 The requested reset operation was unsuccessful.  
16 This device is out of resources. Try unplugging the device.
53 There was a security failure.  
77 Your home will be available when the sync completes. Your home's HomeKit configuration is managed by iCloud and can be modified by any permitted HomeKit application. It may take a few moments for changes to update in your app.
65 The timer is currently activating.  
45 The requested change is higher than the highest possible option.  
46 The requested change is longer than the longest possible option.  
44 The requested change is lower than the lowest possible option.  
51 The requested change is shorter than the shortest possible option.  
21 The requested parameter is unconfigured.  
79 Adding the device was unsuccessful.  
57 Device discovery has been unsuccessful.  
37 The email address entered is not a valid AppleID. To invite a guest user, provide their AppleID. While AppleIDs are typically email addresses, some users with vintage AppleIDs may have an ID that does not take the form of an email address. These users may be required to update their AppleID to an email address.
20 This device does not support the requested operation.  
48 The requested operation is unsupported.  
58 The requested operation could not be completed.  
62 The requested feature is not supported by this device.  
43 The change requested does not match with the possible options.  
41 Unable to complete the requested operation.  
6 This characteristic is write-only and cannot be read.