Send Insteon Alerts via SMS Using a Mobile Phone Number Email

Did you know that your mobile phone number has a corresponding email address? You can use it to send an email to a phone number and receive it as a text message. With Insteon for Hub, you can add this email address as a means to receive text messages for alerts.

  1. Navigate to the device for which you would like to enable SMS alerts
  2. Edit the Device
    • On iOS, swipe from the left edge of the display to reveal the Drawer then tap Edit
    • On Android, tap the Settings button followed by Edit This
    • On Windows, scroll down to reveal device details
  3. Tap Alerts
  4. Ensure that the desired alert(s) are enabled and then tap Message & Recipients
  5. In the To Email field, enter your phone's carrier-specific email address
    • AT&T:
    • Verizon:
    • T-Mobile:
    • Sprint:
    • A list of other carries can be found here. Note that this list is not maintained by Insteon and therefore we are unable to vouch for its accuracy. If in doubt, contact your mobile phone service provider.
  6. Tap Done
  7. An alert approval message will be sent to the phone number provided as an SMS.
  8. Check your messages for an SMS from Insteon. Tap the confirmation link to You will be taken to your phone's web browser for final confirmation.

Repeat steps 1 through 7 for any additional alerts that you wish to receive via SMS. Please note that as these messages will be sent via SMS, your carrier's standard messaging rates may apply.