Troubleshooting Push Notifications on Android


After configuring push notifications in the Insteon app, you may occasional encounter a situation where you do not receive alerts. There are several reasons why this might occur.

  • Push notifications for the Insteon app are disabled
  • Alerts for the desired device are disabled
  • The Insteon app may need to be restarted


Ensure Push Notifications are Enabled

With Android, the Insteon app needs approval to send push notifications. If this approval has been revoked, Insteon will be unable to notify you of device updates via push notifications.

1. Navigate to Settings


2. Tap Applications or Application Manager


3. Scroll down in the list and tap Insteon


4. Ensure the Show Notifications checkbox is checked


Enable Alerts for the Desired Device

If you wish to receive alerts from an Insteon device, that device must be configured to send alerts. Different devices can send alerts for different events including on, off, open, closed, wet and dry.

1. In the Insteon app, tap Settings in the lower right corner and tap Edit Settings


2. Tap Devices


3. Tap the desired device


4. Tap Alerts


5. Ensure that the button for the desired alert is on and then tap Message & Recipients


6. Ensure that the button for Push Notification is on


Additional Troubleshooting

If, even after following all of the above-listed steps, you are still not receiving alerts from devices, try the following.

  • Follow the steps provided by your Android device manufacturer to force close the Insteon app
  • Remove the affected Insteon device and re-add it to the Insteon app. Ensure that alerts are configured after re-adding the device.
  • Remove and reinstall the Insteon app from your mobile device