Fixing No Gateway Found / Unrecognized Devices in Houselinc


The HouseLinc desktop software has been discontinued and will not receive future feature updates. 

Although Insteon has ended support for HouseLinc, Insteon will continue to provide periodic updates to support new Insteon devices or new firmware versions for existing Insteon devices. Without updated device definitions, attempting to add new devices will display an Unknown Device error.


Basic Troubleshooting

  1. Close HouseLinc.

  2. Ensure the blue HouseLinc icon is not visible in the Windows System Tray located near the clock in the taskbar. If the HouseLinc icon appears, right-click the HouseLinc icon and select Exit.

  3. Download the updated devices.xml file from this article. Unzip the file using your PC's .zip software.

    • Insteon maintains access to older versions of this file in the event that a new devices.xml file causes issues with your HouseLinc setup.

  4. From the Start Menu, navigate to All Programs > HouseLinc > View Data Folder

  5. In the HouseLinc Data Folder, locate the devices.xml file and rename it devices.old. In the event that HouseLinc fails to operate correctly after installing the new devices.xml file, you can restore the old devices.xml file.

  6. Copy the downloaded devices.xml file to the HouseLinc Data Folder. When presented with a dialog noting that a file already exists with the same name, select Copy and Replace.

  7. Launch HouseLinc and attempt to add the newly supported Insteon devices.


HouseLinc Device Definitions