Insteon Hub Pro - Supported Features

Last Updated 6/16/2015

Insteon Hub Pro represents a new breed of Insteon Hub; while Hub Pro is significantly more powerful than traditional Insteon Hubs, not all features will be available initially and will instead be delivered through new firmware and updates to Insteon+.


What can I expect from Insteon Hub Pro?

At release, Insteon Hub Pro will take full advantage of HomeKit features and more:

  • Control Insteon switches, outlets, thermostats and more when paired with Insteon Hub Pro.
  • Integration with Siri®, allowing control via voice commands
  • Create and manage rooms, zones and even multiple homes
  • Schedule scenes and set repeats for day, week or date
  • Dashboard view for quick visibility and control
  • Quickly create powerful scenes that adjust multiple devices
  • Invite guest users to your home so you can share your automation with family and friends
  • Control other HomeKit-enabled devices alongside your favorite Insteon devices (requires the Insteon+ App)

To use Hub Pro for HomeKit and take advantage of these features, you will need an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 10 or later. You will also need to download the new Insteon+ app from the App Store.


Which devices will be supported at launch?

The Insteon+ app will work with all HomeKit devices. Some of these devices include:

  • Lighting and Appliances (dimming, on/off control)
  • Locks (lock/unlock)
  • Thermostats (adjust temperature, change modes)

For a full list of supported devices and features, visit this article.

The following device types will be supported in future updates:

  • Sensors
  • Keypads
  • WiFi Cameras



What if I use Android or Windows devices?

HomeKit is currently iOS-only. While the initial release of Insteon Hub Pro and app supports only iOS 8, we have plans to broaden the features, including adding support for other mobile platforms. Unless Apple opens up HomeKit support for other operating systems, these devices would not be able to talk with 3rd party HomeKit devices.