Version 1.1.0

This version of Insteon+ adds support for thermostats; now you can change the mode, set the temperature, add a thermostat to a schedule and even include thermostats in scenes. In addition to the new thermostat features, this version of Insteon+ builds on previous versions with multiple bug fixes that improve Siri control and overall app usability.


New Features

  • Just in time for the hottest days of summer, you can now control Insteon thermostats (2441TH) from Insteon+
  • Supports HomeKit-enabled thermostats with explicit heat to and cool to set points as well as HomeKit-enabled thermostats that feature only a desired temperature set point
  • You can now tell Siri what type of light or appliance is connected to a switch or outlet. Siri will use this information to more accurately respond to commands like "turn off all of the lights."  Configure your switches and outlets by using the Device Type section when adding or editing a device.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Control of dimmable devices now features discrete on and off buttons instead of incremental brighten and dim buttons. You can still dim lights using the slider control.
  • Updating the firmware on Hub Pro is now more reliable and includes additional information throughout the process including prompts to restart Hub Pro to complete the firmware update process.
  • Devices are now alphabetized when listed in the scene builder.
  • Added error handling during the Add an Insteon Device add process.
  • Fixed an issue that might add On/Off devices in a scene with the opposite setting as that specified.

Version 1.0.7

This version of Insteon+ contains bug fixes.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that might result in an error when adding a device


Version 1.0.6

This version of Insteon+ contains bug fixes and adds support for naming device services for more reliable Siri control.


New Feature

  • You can now name a device's services for more reliable control with Siri. When adding and editing devices, enter a unique name under Siri Name to control particular aspects of a device.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue that might result in duplicate devices appearing in a room
  • Resolved an issue in Scenes that prevented On/Off devices from functioning properly
  • Fixed an issue that might cause a name change to revert after selecting a new icon
  • Several other minor user interface tweaks and improvements