Control and Integrate Insteon devices with Stringify


Stringify has announced they will be ending their services. We’re sorry to see them go. We recommend checking out Yonomi as a replacement.

With Insteon Hub (2245-222), you can use the Stringify app to integrate your Insteon devices with a variety of devices and services. Use the instructions in this article to connect your Insteon Hub to the Stringify service.


Step 1

Download the Stringify app (iOS) and create an account. UPDATE: now available for Android!


Step 2

Tap Things


Step 3

Tap New


Step 4

Select Insteon from the list of Things


Step 5

Tap Connect


Step 6

To connect your Insteon Hub to Stringify, you will need to enter your Insteon account user name and password. When finished, tap Sign In.


Step 7

Once connected, you will be presented with a confirmation and a list of supported and unsupported Insteon devices. Supported devices can be used in Stringify flows. When ready, tap Done.


Step 8

You can now integrate your Insteon devices into Stringify flows.



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