Home Automation

"Welcome Home" Lights


Have you ever pulled into the garage and walked into your house with more things to carry than you could handle? After a trip to Costco or the grocery store, it is always a test of how many things we can fit into our hands to make fewer trips between the car and the house. When this happens it can be hard to find a free hand to hit the switch. With Insteon lighting and an Insteon Garage Door and Status Kit you can have the lights turn on automatically for you when you open your garage door so that you don’t spill your things on your way into the house.

For this tip we will use HouseLinc to set up an Event that will turn on lights only after dark when the garage door is opened.  To accomplish this, you will need an Insteon Garage Door and Status Kit, Insteon light switches (or plug-in modules), and HouseLinc.

To begin, you will want to click on the ‘Events’ tab towards the top right hand section of the HouseLinc window. Click the button titled ‘Add Event’ and you can begin programming this welcome home event. You will want to drag your Garage Door IOLinc into the ‘Trigger(s)’ section of this new Event. You will also want to edit the trigger to read ‘Sensor Opened’. This will trigger the Event whenever the magnetic contacts (from your Garage Door and Status Kit) are separated from each other. Next you will want to alter the Event to only operate when it’s Dark outside. Drag the Clock icon into the ‘Condition(s)’ section of the Event and edit this condition to read ‘If it’s Dark outside’. Finally, you will drag your lights from ‘Devices’ on the left hand side of the HouseLinc into the ‘Action(s)’ field of the Event and edit the level appropriately.

If you really want to create a welcoming mood, you can also create a Scene with different lighting levels and drag that into the ‘Action(s)’ section of this event.

Once the settings have been added to the Event, Click OK to save the Event into HouseLinc and enjoy. Now, when you come home at night and you have your hands full your lights will welcome you home.