Insteon Device Numbers

Insteon Retail Device Numbers

Insteon products purchased through some third party retailers may refer to devices by a "Device Number." The Device Number does not affect an Insteon device's interoperability with Insteon products that have not been issued a device number.

Device Number Device Name
10 Dimmer Module
11 On/Off Module
12 Dimmer Switch
14 On/Off Switch
15 On/Off Outlet
16 Dimmer Switch (2-Wire)
17 Range Extender
20 Dimmer Keypad (6-Button)
23 LED Bulb
24 LED Bulb for Recessed Lights
30 Mini Remote (4-Scene Kit)
32 Motion Sensor
33 Leak Sensor
36 Smoke Bridge Kit
40 Open/Close Sensor
41 Hidden Door Sensor
42 Wired Thermostat
43 Garage Door Kit
44 IO Module
45 WiFi Camera (Black)
46 WiFi Camera (White)
47 Outdoor WiFi Camera
50 Ceiling Fan Controller
51 Dimmer Micro Module
52 On/Off Micro Module
53 Open/Close Micro Module
55 HD WiFi Camera (Black)
56 HD WiFi Camera (White)
57 Outdoor HD WiFi Camera