Calibrating an Insteon Thermostat

Temperature Calibration

Note: Use a calibrated temperature or humidity source when adjusting Insteon Thermostat
1) Press and hold the Program button (The display will go blank). Tap Time/Sensor to enter Temperature Calibration Mode.
2) Tap Mode to step between temperature calibration and humidity calibration.
3) Tap Up or Down arrows to adjust the displayed temperature to match the calibrated source.

Humidity Calibration

1) Once in Setup Mode for temperature calibration (step 1 above), tap Mode button to step between temperature calibration and humidity calibration.
2) Press the Up or Down arrow to select the current humidity level.
3) Press Program to exit calibration mode.

Add-a-Wire Kit for Smart Thermostats

    With the popularity of 5-wire smart thermostats growing (Insteon, Nest, etc...), home owners are finding out that they may need a special wiring kit so that they can use these new smart thermostats in their existing 4-wire install. Insteon has partnered with a company named Venstar and recommends using their 304AAW add-a-wire kit as a solution to this issue. Please follow the link below to see how to properly install the Venstar add-a-wire kit by step by step video.


Add-a-wire Tutorial