Insteon Keypad Enclosure

Get the full advantage of the elegant wall-mounted Insteon KeypadLinc in a convenient, attractive, portable back box that allows full use of a KeypadLinc 6- or 8-button keypad while allowing the freedom to place the plug-in controller in any room of your home.

Essential Info

• Install an Insteon KeypadLinc in an elegant enclosure for remote control of your home's lighting from any night stand or table top

• Monitor and control six to eight different devices or sets of devices 

• Once set up, you can unplug and move the controller to any room without losing programming

What's in the Box

Insteon Keypad Dimmer Switch (Dual-Band), 6-Button, White
2x Mounting Screws
3x Wire Nuts
1x White Trim Frame
1x Quick-Start Guide

Enclosure lid and base
2x Enclosure Screws
3x Wire Nuts
1x Strain Relief Grommet
1x Power Cord
1x Quick-Start Guide


Documentation & Downloads