WWDC 2015

“We’re excited about the new features that Apple has made available to developers today, allowing us to build more rich and powerful native apps for Apple Watch. With the Digital Crown, Insteon customers can now use their Apple Watch to fine tune settings for dimming their lights and setting their temperature. You can also be notified via haptics when your lights are turned off or on. With ClockKit, we can now surface important details on your home right on the watch face, for example you can display an image of your garage door which shows whether it is currently up or down. And with the new Time Travel feature, you can go back in time to see when the garage door may have been opened by a family member. Finally, with HomeKit, customers will soon be able to control their Insteon Hub and home devices and trigger actions using Siri right on their Apple Watch.”
— Joe Dada, CEO Insteon

Apple Previews New Apple Watch Software

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Insteon can give customers more precise controls to dim their lights or control the temperature with the Digital Crown
— Apple Press Release


Insteon is one of two companies in the world certified by Apple HomeKit and shipping product today with our much anticipated Hub Pro for HomeKit. Three other companies have announced approval to ship soon. Our new Insteon Hub brings hundreds of Insteon products like dimmers, switches, outlets and thermostats into the HomeKit ecosystem.
— Joe Dada, CEO Insteon


Insteon has decades of experience building home control devices, and its embrace of HomeKit will give users a jump start on building out an expandable system for their home
— Susie Ochs, MacWorld

Here Are the First Connected Home Devices for Apple HomeKit

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New Insteon Hub and App Works with Apple HomeKit, Available on Amazon

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Insteon Ships its HomeKit-enabled Hub and app

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