Insteon Marketing Materials and Guidelines


Use this document to develop marketing content that is coherent with the Insteon brand. The information in this document should be used by Insteon affiliates, resellers, contractors or anyone creating content that represents Insteon products or the Insteon brand.

What is Insteon?

Insteon® transforms the "connected home" from a buzzword into reality. We make life simple by connecting you to the things that matter. Control your lights, alarms, thermostats – all your things – from wherever you are in the world. Insteon's patented technology is simple and reliable, powering the most fail-safe connected home on the market. With more than 200 Insteon products available today and thousands of developers, we bring all of the things in your home into elegant command. It’s your house, turn it on. 

The Basics

  • Always use accurate terminology when referring to Insteon products and services
  • Provide correct credit and attribution for any Insteon trademark used. A standard Insteon legal disclaimer can be found here.
  • Use only the provided and approved Insteon artwork
  • Never use icons, artwork or graphics from aside from the artwork available in this document

Insteon Logo

To maintain the integrity of the Insteon brand, it's important to use Insteon logo only as permitted in these guidelines.

On first mention, Insteon should be followed with the registration mark. Subsequent references to the brand can omit the registration mark. Alternatively, you can use the standard Insteon legal disclaimer.

  • The area of isolation surrounding the Insteon logo must be at least equal to the width and the height of the "T" in Insteon.
  • The logo cannot be placed close to distracting design elements and must not become part of a larger pattern or design element.
  • When using the Insteon logo in print materials, the minimum size for the logo including the area of isolation is 150 points x 35 points.
  • When using the Insteon logo for online and screen, the minimum size for the logo include the area of isolation is 150 pixels x 35 pixels.
  • Use only the Insteon logos provided in the approved colors
  • Never alter or modify the provided Insteon logos
  • Never animate the Insteon logo
  • Never use the Insteon logo in text copy. When referring to the Insteon brand in text copy, use the wordmark "Insteon" adhereing to the registration mark requirements.
  • Never write Insteon in all uppercase letters
  • Never write Insteon in all lowercase letters
  • Never color the word Insteon differently than your body copy
  • Never use legacy Insteon logos, including two-tone logos

Insteon Copy

Insteon communications utilize one of two typefaces depending on the medium in which the content will appear. Use of these typefaces ensures a consistent representation of the Insteon brand. Copy may be placed over Insteon lifestyle images but only in such a way that the copy does not conflict with the content, overly obscure the content or become illegible. Insteon prose tends towards a playful tone and makes use of humor whenever possible so long as it is not at the detriment of the product, brand or customer understanding.


Use Helvetica Neue for Print Media

For print publications including retail store signage, product packaging and catalogs, Helvetica Neue is used in varying weights. The predominant weight used is Helvetica Neue Thin. Text that appears significantly smaller or larger than standard copy will deviate and use Helvetica Neue Light or Helvetica Neue UltraLight, respectively.


Use Open Sans for Online Media

Insteon content that appears on utilizes the Google Font Open Sans. The predominant weight used is Light or 300. Text that appears significantly smaller or larger than standard copy may deviate and use a heavier or lighter weight but, due to the rise in high DPI displays and the ability to rescale type, this is less necessary than in print publications.

The Insteon app on iOS, Android and Windows are notable exceptions to the use of Open Sans for digital displays; these apps use their platform's native typeface to ensure a consistent user experience.


Insteon Color Palette

The following colors are approved for use when developing any collateral, printed materials, advertising, signage, web sites or multimedia campaigns that feature Insteon products, services or the Insteon brand.





Insteon Products

To maintain the integrity of the Insteon brand, it's important to use Insteon product images only as permitted in these guidelines.

Refer to Insteon products using the approved product name. Learn more about approved product names. On first mention, product names should be preceded by Insteon® with the registration mark. Subsequent references to the product can omit Insteon.

  • Never alter, distort or modify Insteon product images
  • Never add reflections or shadows
  • Never crop, cut off or in any way obstruct the Insteon product image
  • Never tilt, angle or rotate Insteon product images
  • Never add graphic elements over Insteon product images
  • Never attempt to illustrate Insteon device-to-device communication with graphic elements
  • Never surround the product image with a stroke or highlight
  • Never place promotional content or extra-device content over the product image

From time to time, it may be required to use stock photography alongside Insteon product images and messaging.

  • Use of Insteon lifestyle images or stock photography to support Insteon product messaging should adhere to the general Insteon color scheme
  • Stock images should match the Insteon aesthetic of modern, cutting-edge and contemporary
  • Do not use images that contain an architectural style that is antagonistic to Insteon products
  • Do not use images that contain colors that conflict or contrast with the Insteon color pallet
  • When using Insteon lifestyle images, follow the Insteon Copy guidelines

Insteon Apps

If your content needs to show the Insteon app, use only the approved images included with each product bundle.

  • The Insteon app should only be displayed on a white iPhone unless displaying a platform-specific feature that requires Android or Windows Phone.
  • Never alter or modify the app screen shots.
  • Never create your own screen shots or modify the screen shots provided.
  • Never illustrate how devices communicate with one another or the Insteon app.
  • When showing the Insteon app alongside Insteon devices, maintain accurate scale, don't overlap and display a relevant screenshot from the images included with the product bundle.

Distributor Guidelines

In addition to upholding the brand guidelines outlined throughout this document, Insteon distributors must abide by the requirements outlined below.

While we encourage taking extra effort to bring Insteon products to your customers, we want to make sure that lines are not blurred between Insteon or Insteon products and your distributorship.

  • Distributors should refrain from referencing that a particular region unless given explicit written permission by Insteon.
  • In cases where a distributor has been given exclusive rights, the distributor must only reference the region under exclusivity.
  • The distributor's business name should take precedence over the Insteon brand, logo and name whenever referenced such that a consumer would not confuse your document for one produced by Insteon.
  • Never use domain names that create the perception as operating directly by Insteon such as or A distributor may use subdomains that contain "Insteon" in their address so long as it does not deceive the customer to think that they are visiting an Insteon-owned and operated website.
  • When referencing Insteon documentation, never copy, host or make available a cached version of Insteon manuals, guides or support documentation. Distributors may link to Insteon support documents found on
  • Never link directly to PDF documents as the addresses for this files may change. Instead, link to the support webpage on which the content is linked.

If you do not include the superscript registration mark when referring to Insteon and Insteon products, include the standard legal disclaimer in the footer of your content. You can omit Insteon trademarks not referenced in your content from the legal disclaimer. Never create your own Insteon acronyms or abbreviations.

Boilerplate Disclaimer

Insteon®, the Insteon® Logo, StateLink™, Simulcast™, and Dual-Mesh™ are trademarks licensed by SmartLabs, Inc. Insteon is protected under U.S. and foreign patents: see

Insteon Hub


Dimmer Module

North American Type A
NEMA 1-5


French Type E
CEE 7/5 Socket, CEE 7/6 Plug


German Type F
CEE 7/3 Socket, CEE 7/4 Plug


British Type G
BS 1363


Australasian Type I
AS/NZS 3112 


On/Off Module

North American
NEMA 5-15


French Type E
CEE 7/5 Socket, CEE 7/6 Plug


German Type F
CEE 7/3 Socket, CEE 7/4 Plug


British Type G
BS 1363


Australasian Type I
AS/NZS 3112 


Outdoor On/Off Module


Wall Switch

Dimmer Switch, Dimmer Switch (1000W), Dimmer Switch (2-Wire), On/Off Switch


Toggle Switch

Dimmer Toggle Switch, On/Off Toggle Switch


Wall Keypad


Dimmer Outlet


On/Off Outlet


Mini Remotes


Wired Thermostat

Conventional Systems


Open/Close Sensor


Hidden Door Sensor


Motion Sensor


Leak Sensor


Smoke Bridge


I/O Module


HD Wi-Fi Camera


Ceiling Fan Controller


Micro Modules

Dimmer Micro Module


On/Off Micro Module


Open/Close Micro Module


Range Extender


Alert Module


Wall Plates


Starter Kits

Starter Kit (Dimmer Modules)

Insteon Logos

All logos are available in .pdf, and .png formats.


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