In Smartphone We Trust

Rather than a legacy alarm panel or difficult-to-decipher status messages, monitoring your home with Insteon uses one of the most sophisticated and cutting-edge devices in your home: your smartphone. With the Insteon Hub, you know the exact state of your home's defenses, home or away, day or night.


At-a-Glance Dashboard

It's one of the most satisfying feelings - opening the Insteon App and seeing a neat and tidy sensored house. With Check-In (Quick View on Windows Phone) on your smartphone, you get a real-time bird's-eye view of your home's sensors, even if you've missed an alert.


Push Notifications

No matter how vigilant you might be, your life will demand more attention than you can give to monitoring your house. Fortunately, you can let the Insteon Hub be your watchdog. With a few taps, you can configure any or all of your sensors to send you a Push Notification the moment they are triggered. And with Apple Watch, you'll even receive notifications right on your wrist.


Email Alerts

Why not have a dialogue with your home and setup Email Alerts. You can specify multiple recipient addresses and as most of us live with our inbox open, you'll see important notifications from your home while you're at work. You don't even need to sneak a glance at your smartphone.

Configure Email to SMS Alerts 

Smartphone monitoring, push notifications and email alerts require the Insteon Hub.