Insteon + Sonos
There's a Keypad for That.


Insteon Devices

Control Sonos speakers from Insteon Keypads, Remotes and more; there's no need to reach for your phone to raise the volume or pause your music.


Insteon Apps

Control Sonos speakers from the Insteon app and reduce your app clutter. You can recall presets and modify basic transport controls without leaving the Insteon app.


Playback Presets

Learn up to ten presets for quick, one-tap playback of your favorite music and radio stations.


Sonos and Scenes

Include your Sonos speakers in Insteon scenes like "Good Morning" and wake up to your favorite music or radio station while the lights slowly brighten to rouse you from your bed.


Take Control.

With Insteon and Sonos, you have control of your music how you want, where you want.


Control from Insteon Devices

With Insteon Hub (2245-222) and your Sonos speakers, you can configure control from nearly any Insteon device in your home. Convert your 8-button Insteon Keypad into an in-wall Sonos remote. Or configure your Leak Sensors to play the "Poolside" station from TuneIn if a water leak is detected. 


Control from the Insteon App

With over one million apps in the app store and likely more than a hundred of those apps on your smartphone, we all have app fatigue. Give your task switcher a break and use the Insteon app to control your Sonos speakers. Play, pause, change the volume, skip tracks and switch your presets.


Configuration and control of Sonos available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch only.

Insteon Hub Required.

Make sure you have everything you need to get up and running with Insteon and Sonos. Integration requires Insteon Hub (2245-222).


Get your Sonos speakers today and start controlling your music tomorrow.


Integrate with Amazon Echo, Logitech Harmony, Works with Nest and more with Insteon Hub.


Brand-new to Insteon? Grab a Starter Kit and you'll be controlling your home in no time.