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Version 2.10.25


HouseLinc for Windows has been discontinued. No further software updates will be made available. Periodically, Insteon may update the HouseLinc Device Definitions XML file to provide compatibility with new firmware revisions of existing products.


System Requirements

  • Insteon Modem (2413U, 2413S, 2242-222, 2412N)
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or 8
  • 15MB of disk space
  • 128MB of system memory
  • For timers, schedules and events, your PC must remain powered on

Microsoft .NET Framework

HouseLinc requires the Microsoft .NET framework. Download the latest .NET framework.


Device Definition Files




Fixing No Gateway Found / Unrecognized Devices in Houselinc


The HouseLinc desktop software has been discontinued and will not receive future feature updates. 

Although Insteon has ended support for HouseLinc, Insteon will continue to provide periodic updates to support new Insteon devices or new firmware versions for existing Insteon devices. Without updated device definitions, attempting to add new devices will display an Unknown Device error.


Basic Troubleshooting

  1. Close HouseLinc.

  2. Ensure the blue HouseLinc icon is not visible in the Windows System Tray located near the clock in the taskbar. If the HouseLinc icon appears, right-click the HouseLinc icon and select Exit.

  3. Download the updated devices.xml file from this article. Unzip the file using your PC's .zip software.

    • Insteon maintains access to older versions of this file in the event that a new devices.xml file causes issues with your HouseLinc setup.

  4. From the Start Menu, navigate to All Programs > HouseLinc > View Data Folder

  5. In the HouseLinc Data Folder, locate the devices.xml file and rename it devices.old. In the event that HouseLinc fails to operate correctly after installing the new devices.xml file, you can restore the old devices.xml file.

  6. Copy the downloaded devices.xml file to the HouseLinc Data Folder. When presented with a dialog noting that a file already exists with the same name, select Copy and Replace.

  7. Launch HouseLinc and attempt to add the newly supported Insteon devices.


HouseLinc Device Definitions


HouseLinc Product Revision History

Houselinc - Released 11/30/2016

  • Fixes an issue where the 2487S Keypadlinc fails to synchronize with Houselinc. 


Houselinc - Released 09/06/2016

General Firmware Updates for Current Revisions


HouseLinc - Released 6/21/2013

Database related fixes



UI fixes

Other fixes

• HouseLinc honors device changes that are made locally
• Whole house sync no longer checks device but rather will sync regardless
• Fixed corruption of devices database after deleting of a linked device
• Fixed issue with verifying writes to checksum devices
• Fixed issue with reading devices with full databases
• Fixed a problem where a device was left in a state of synchronizing if there were errors during a synch
• Optimized synch so that modifications are written first
• Fixed links tab and advanced tab showing different links
• Other database improvements and fixes

• Fixed room and location information on motion sensor
• Fixed issues related to Motion Sensor as well as adding ability to remove group 2 reporting
• Fixed issue when Motion Sensor causing half-links to show up
• Added support for newer devices
• Battery Devices get FIRST priority
• Other INSTEON gateways have HouseLinc management turned off
• Fixed thermostat reporting status setting

• Fixed issues related to saving scenes

• Fixed an issue where using arrow keys to navigate devices (left pane) would not refresh to selected device
• Crashes fixes related to editing a scene
• And many more UI fixes and improvements

• Increase "smarthops" hop count on retries
• Changed Status request to ask where on level is headed in selected dimmer devices
• Diagnostics now gets signal to noise values based on device type
• Added the ability to see all links including false links in Advanced tab
• Window settings saved for Signaling Diagnostics
• Added ability to delete links from the Advanced tab (right-click) as well as display room and name for each link
• Changed Smarthome IP Camera name to INSTEON IP Camera
• Added support for Global Cache iTach infrared devices


HouseLinc - Released 11/30/2012

• Fixed Thermostat Adapter being added to HL


HouseLinc - Released 11/21/2012

• Fixed LED bulb property Enable Link on Power up
• Advanced tab always shown
• New Keypad Dimmers, 0x01, 0x41 and 0x42
• Changed Outdoor ApplianceLinc to this: On/Off Outdoor Module
• Changed removed "INSTEON" from door and leak sensors
• Text label "disable" to "disable houselinc management"
• Syncrolinc 0x07 0x09 0x30 to use "SmartLabs.Insteon.Devices.SynchroLinc01" 
• Nestead of "SmartLabs.Insteon.Devices.SynchroLinc01CS"
• Database dump driver
• Updated devices_beta.xml to v.43
• INSTEON Thermostat (0x09 0x0D 0x34) is detected as 2441TH
• Allow user to select "synch NOW" for battery devices
• Added 0x10 0x02 0x81 triggerlinc
• Added checksum driver to 0x01 0x25
• Fixed: led bulb page was loading slowly
• Faster database syncs
• Added Wireless Thermostat
• Added Leak Sensor
• Added Smoke Bridge
• Added Door Sensor
• Added Din Rail Dimmer Module
• Added Din Rail On/Off Module
• Added Micro Dimmer Module
• Added Micro On/Off Module
• Added Micro Shutter Module
• Added feature to increase signaling efficiency to devices
• PLM interface selector now has a More/Less Button
• Corrected issue with Restore Point saving email passwords
• Enabled Linking on Power Up for LED Bulb
• Corrected issue with IO Linc 50/60 in Scene
• Updated UI Controller with latest version
• Fixed issue with sync’ing using an Ethernet PLM – added timeout
• Wireless Thermostat support still under development
• Fixed: Din Rail mode switching
• Fixed: LED Bulb property changes
• Added support for 2487S KPL 0x02 0x1E 0x40
• Added support for 2450 IOLinc 0x07 0x0D 0x40
• Added support for hub 0x03 0x31 2242-232
• Added support for 2487S-50 0x02 0x2C 0x40
• Fixed: scene support for i/o linc 50/60
• Fixed: runaway database syncs for Wireless Thermostat
• Update for Wireless INSTEON Thermostat
• Central Control Interface type now has a more/less button
• Wireless thermostat: on adding wireless thermostat, refresh button appeared when it should not
• Wireless thermostat: temp values showing up incorrectly 0 or 34
• Wireless thermostat: external temperature when available for wireless thermostat
• Wireless thermostat queues database synch until device cleans up PLM
• Wireless thermostat has a "pending changes" label for queued property changes
• Wireless thermostat no syncs pending changes when any traffic is seen from devices (temperature change, e
• Fixed: BulbLinc Enable linking mode on Power up logic was reversed
• Fixed: switching between latching modes not being written to micro module
• Fixed: error blink not working in DinRail
• Fixed: wireless thermostat values cleared when window switching
• Wireless thermostat can now be responder in scene
• Wireless thermostat Cool/Heat points only cleared on pending C/F change
• Fixed: BulbLinc Local ramp rate note getting set
• Added Icons for PlugIn Dimmer/On-Off Modules
• Added INSTEON Thermostat Icons
• Added Wireless INSTEON Thermostat Icons
• Added definition for Outdoor ApplianceLinc
• Changed SKU and Name for 50/60 Keypadlinc
• Added support for SwitchLinc Dimmer for fwBE
• Removed Status LED option for Wireless Thermostat (not supported)
• Added INSTEON Hub Icons for US and International SKUs
• Support drivers for Wireless INSTEON Thermostat
• Support drivers for DIN Module On/Off
• Support drivers for Micro Module Dimmer
• Support drivers for Micro Module On/Off
• Support drivers for Micro Module Open/Close
• Support drivers for Plug In Dimmer
• Support drivers for Plug In On/Off
• Added the ability to save and open Restore Points
• Fixed Thermostat not being added correctly
• Added the ability to toggle Go into linking mode on power up for LED Bulb


HouseLinc - Released 07/10/2012

• Adjusted default ramp rate and scene settings for new INSTEON LED Bulb 8-Watt (60W)


HouseLinc - Released 06/25/2012

• Fixed ramp rate for new INSTEON LED Bulb 8-Watt (60W)


HouseLinc - Released 06/20/2012

• Added support for new INSTEON LED Bulb 8-Watt (60W)
• Added support for Switchlinc ON/OFF 2477S


HouseLinc - Released 05/17/2012

• Added support for new INSTEON Thermostat and INSTEON Wireless Thermostat
• Added support for SwitchLinc 2-Wire Dimmer


HouseLinc - Released 03/30/2012

• Added support for more checksum products: Thermostat, Integrated Thermostat, SynchroLinc, iMeter, MorningLinc, IRLinc Receiver, IRLinc Transmitter, SmartLinc2
• Added event trigger support to Thermostat and Integrated Thermostat
• Added option to send email when a PLM connection error occurs (system settings)
• Removed MorningLinc's lock and unlock triggers because feature wasn't supported
• Fixed UI issue when manually changing a Gateway (resize view)
• Fixed sharing emails between the original and copies of an event


HouseLinc - Released 1/18/2012


• Added support for FanLinc 2475F
• Added support for Smarthome IP Camera 75790
• Fixed a bug that immediately starts database sync immediately when a scene member is removed
• Added ability to duplicate an event
• Right-click on an event and select Duplicate Event in the pop-up menu
• The newly duplicated event is appended to the end of the list and is disabled by default
• Fixed the Events list to retain the focus on the selected event after editing it
• Remove the PLM links when a Scene is removed from an event if the PLM group was not part of the scene prior to adding to the event
• Fixed setting the default property values for KeypadLinc, Motion Sensor, 2-button RL2
• Fixed flickering when changing a keypad button name
• Stopped setting Load Sense flag to SwitchLinc
• Changed format of a scene's last trigger information to "DateTime, Command, Number of Errors"
• Change input focus to the event name field when adding a new event
• Fixed the Refresh button for RemoteLinc 2 Propeties to display the battery-powered device information
• Fixed sorting of the broadcast timestamp in Scenes list
• Fixed setting pre-scaler for Momentary time.
• Changed Refresh button to Write To Device
• Added support for updating the cameras definition
• Add support to search for Foscam IP Camera Model FI8918W
• Crash with camera delete - Several instances of similar crash in the log files - see additional info section
• Move PLM controller links to the top of the link table + fixed synchronizing device after factory reset
• HL settings will always win in property sync to a device


HouseLinc - Released 10/18/2011


• Added IP Camera support in HouseLinc
• Added support for X10 products
• Added support for InlineLinc On/Of Dual Band and 50/60 version
• Added support for updating Cameras definition – through server push
• Fixed KeypadLinc backlight brightness being set to 2% during synchronization
• Fixed PLM links not being created for group 2, 7 and 8 on KeypadLinc after changing from 6- to 8-button
• Added an option to change the number of firmware retry in Tools > Options > System, Controller Link App-Retry. The default value is 3
• Fixed a crash (stack overflow) when changing from 6- to 8-button on I1 Keypad.


HouseLinc - Released 9/27/2011


• Added support to send INSTEON message in an Event - Sending Customer INSTEON Commands
• Added hyperlink in the Custom Commands dialog box
• Added option to disable a device under the Properties tab
• Added Time Stamp to links. Located in the Advanced Tab for any newly created links
• Added ID column to Scene Editor
• Added support for RemoteLinc 2
• Added support for setting LED level for SwitchLinc and InlineLinc in Events
• Added double confirm to all property reads. The returned value is accepted only if it matches with HouseLinc value; or 2 consecutive reads returned the same data
• Added tasks persistence: save the task queues on shutdown and continue with them on startup
• Added Queue task count information to the Status Bar- Provides Visibility of what task is currently running and how many are left (x / y)
• Auto-populate Date Added field when adding a device
• Improved database sync process
• Improved properties sync process
• Improved synchronizing a battery operated device
• Improved adding device process
• Improved deleting device process
• Changed event with Security feature to be triggered once-per-day randomly in the specified fime frame instead of at-least-once
• Changed text in event for button pressed events to "Double-Tapped"
• Changed the Scene list to sort alphabetical by name by default
• Fixed scrollbars in Scene editor
• Fixed the Update dialog box being displayed behind HouseLinc window sometimes
• Fixed the Pause button functionality in the Status bar
• Removed the ability of the OutletLinc Relay to be a controller
• When deleting a TouchLinc device, also delete its configuration files
• Resolved checkbox disappearing in Scene editor. It should now happen less often
• Fixed excessive retry when a device is unplugged in the middle of database synch
• Fixing the ID column in Device List not being re-sizable
• Fixed issue with managing i1 KeypadLinc devices button properties (Toggle/ON/OFF)
• Fixed 8-button keypad being displayed as a 6-button
• Fixed Keypad button mode being displayed differently sometimes in Properties tab vs. Device List and Scene List
• Fixed a crash when clicking on Keypad button G or H after switching from 6 to 8 button
• Fixed half link to PLM group 0 (only at the end of the PLM database sync)
• Fixed a problem with Motion Sensor LED brightness cannot be changed by 1%


HouseLinc - Released 7/15/2011

• Added support for KeypadLinc On/Off (Dual-Band)
• Added support for OutletLinc Dimmer (Dual-Band)
• Added support for Integrated Thermostat


HouseLinc - Released 6/14/2011

• Updated User Interface and graphics
• Added support for TouchLinc
• Added Scene Management
• Included SceneConverter.exe in the setup and install it into the Settings folder
• Added abilities to change local On Level, Ramp Rate, LED, and other properties for applicable devices
• Added sortable Room column to the link display in Links tab
• Fixed beeping a device more than twice the specified number of seconds
• Removed checking status of battery-operated devices
• Updated sounds used when adding a device
• Fixed a bug in the Advanced tab that sometime did not show the information of the current selected device
• Prevented selecting invalid thermostat set points (cool set point must be at least 2 degrees higher than heat set point)
• Fixed inconsistent thermostat group names between the Device List and the Links tab
• Added an option to enable or disable Thermostat status reporting in the Properties tab
• HouseLinc will not automatically create this link from now on
• The Advanced tab is now hidden on start-up. It can be revealed by selecting the "Show Advanced Tab" option in Tools > Options > System
• Changed setting device status in Properties tab to Unknown every time a device is selected
• Device status is only updated when clicking on the Refresh button or one of control buttons
• Disabled HouseLinc Maintenance event by on new install and upgrade
• Added FTDI driver setup and install it if needed


HouseLinc - Released 2/07/2011

• Added support for iMeter Solo
• Added support for SynchroLinc
• Added support for ControLinc


HouseLinc - Released 12/10/2010

• Added support for TouchLinc native application
• Added auto-restart if the application encounters unexpected problem
• Added email retries (up to 3 retries)
• Updated product images for USB Adapter, In-LineLinc, and LampLinc (Dual-Band)
• Corrected problem with loss of event information while saving settings 


HouseLinc - Released 6/30/2010

• Included Beep command under the Control/Status tab for devices that have beepers
• New Thermostat Adapter functions
• Added four Linking groups: Thermostat's Controllers, Cooling Mode's Responders, Heating Mode's Responders and Status Change Responders
• Included new properties: humidity and remote temperature sensors
• Improved control user interface
• Added support for MorningLinc RF Doorknob/Deadbolt Controller (#2458A1)
• Added support for 240V 30AMP Load Controller (#2477SA1 and 2477SA2)
• Optimized battery usage for battery-operated devices
• Swap command now updates device ID in both Links and Events tab
• Added Half-Links Report & Repair to enable user to locate, fix and/or delete half-Links (see Tools -> Advanced)
• Info tab now displays the product page of a selected device
• Changed the I/O Linc Control page to include both Open Relay and Closed Relay options, even when I/O Linc is in Momentary Mode
• Renamed Diagnostics utility to Signaling Diagnostics (See Tools -> Advanced)
• Fixed incomplete Link creation on ControLinc
• Corrected problem with firing TriggerLinc events when the jumper when the jumper is not installed
• Improved accuracy of FTDI driver detection


HouseLinc - Released 3/29/2010

• Added Thermostat Adapter functions
• Incorporated support to Link to different groups
• Included options for humidity and remote temperature sensors
• Updated control user interface
• Introduced immediate synchronization when a new device is added
• Launched Half-Link Report & Repair to enable user to locate, fix and/or delete half-Links (see Tools -> Advanced)
• Updated automatic synchronization of battery-operated devices (e.g., Motion Sensor, TriggerLinc, RemoteLinc). Once an INSTEON command is sent from the device, synchronization will begin if: there are pending changes, the device has not been synchronized within the past 24 hours, or the user manually initiated synchronization.
• Renamed Diagnostics to Signaling Diagnostics (See Tools -> Advanced)
• Fixed various bugs to increase synchronization reliability


HouseLinc - Released 11/23/2009

• Added support for Windows 7
• Included Device Status (i.e., on, off) as a condition of an event. Applicable devices include: ApplianceLinc, In-LineLinc, I/O Linc, KeypadLinc, LampLinc, OutletLinc, SwitchLinc, TimerLinc, and Thermostat Adapter
• Added option to send a test email when setting up or revising email settings
• Launched House Synchronization Report, which includes information such as: start time, end time and status for each device
• Incorporated Refresh function into the Synchronize function
• Introduced option to disable automatic System Maintenance and manually initiate maintenance (see Events menu)
• Renamed Perform Maintenance to Synchronize House (see Tools menu)
• Moved Email Settings tab into the Options menu (formerly under Tools menu)
• Renamed Interface tab to INSTEON Gateway (see Options menu)
• Moved Diagnostic menu under Tools -> Advanced
• Removed "Search for new devices" and "Synchronize All Devices" from the Devices menu and toolbar
• Added support for PowerLinc Modem USB driver version 2.06
• Improved speed and accuracy of the Links database synchronizing process to minimize the reappearance of "Unknown Device" entries
• Removed automatic synchronization for RF devices (e.g., Motion Sensor, TriggerLinc, RemoteLinc). To add an RF device, put the unit into Linking Mode before performing synchronization.
• Fixed various user interface issues


HouseLinc - Released 9/10/2009

• Added email alert feature. Users can now set up an event to send an email to their email accounts.
• HouseLinc can download Devices.xml automatically without re-installing it
• Prompt to synchronize devices upon startup
• Added a new driver for I/O Linc with Firmware 0x33 or newer to support longer momentary delay settings
• Digitally signed HouseLinc and the installer to identify SmartLabs as the publisher on Windows Vista and newer
• Centralized data (device definitions, settings and log) location to better support online updates
• Removed 9 minute Ramp Rate option as the Firmware no longer supports it
• Improved Installer wizard
• Fixed bugs in Diagnostics tool

NOTE: Simplehomenet devices are not currently supported in HouseLinc.


HouseLinc 2.0 - Released 10/2008

HouseLinc - Released in 2007